Captain jacks deadbug

just a quick question

I have to PH balance my water for feedings. When using captain jacks should i also be using PH balanced water or is my normal tap water fine? I take the water from the tap in to a gallon jug and let it sit for a couple days then I PH it. Water comes out the tap around a 8.6 PH level.

Thank you in advance


Normal tap is fine, id personally let it degas for 24 hours. Ive always just bought the spray bottles and never phd it


Ph-ing your water in range is for nute uptake and while a foliar spray can be a feeding (I’d recommend ph-ing those).

I personally don’t believe your tap water will + or - the effects of the spray, although 8.6 is really high.

Interesting topic though and I’m interested in what the others may think…. :thinking:


I always pH my water after adding nutrients. I also let my water sit overnight with an air bubbler for about 12 hours before I add nutrients and pH.

I recommend always pH your water before using.


But wasn’t the question about ph-ing when using CJDB? Do you also ph your insecticides? Just curious

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@Fieldofdreams I use an insecticide product here called “green cure” which the PH has to be at 4.5 for it to work. It’s a pita but it works on contact, can see the critters melting before me lol

@Hogbud I have something similar, I make homemade Agrowlite and it works best if the ph is in that range also so that the leaves become inhospitable for PWM to grow. But CJDB doesn’t benefit in that way.

Is your spray similar to this? :arrow_down:

@Hogbud Learn something new every day. :wink:

Very interesting thread.I use jacks with tap water than has set out 24+ hrs with no issues.(growing outdoors).indoors I ph everything.
I also use a garlic/habanero mix that keeps bugs and bigger 4 leg critters away again with my outdoor adventure.
Snail pellets work wonders early when plants are young and small.
Best of luck whatever path you choose.

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It’s this stuff below. It’s a contact insecticide and effective up to 24hours after spraying and fine to use throughout flower. Not sure if it’s available in the US though?

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Yesterday I came across this product advertised by one of our local grow stores. Seems similar to what you have

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Yes, anytime I put water into my plant I make sure it has the appropriate pH. As far as insecticides I do not check the pH of my captain Jacks comes from WalMart.
The big point I would want to stress on is

I would say that starting at 8.6 if I’m mixing my captain Jacks my water generally pH’d at 7.

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