Captain Jack's Dead bug spray safe for marijuana?

I have got 5 plants All in flower and outside and realized that I have an aphid problem. After doing alittle research and not knowing what is safe to do I landed on trying out TOMATO LEAF spray, after spraying them All down two nights in a row I really see no effect on the aphids. So my question is can I use the captain Jack’s Dead bug spray I got at Lowe’s? And is it safe this late in flower? PLEASE ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT!!! Thanks for the help.


Captain Jack’s Deadbug that uses Spinosad is what I recommend for cannabis. If you use that along with another product: Safer Caterpillar Killer which uses another bacteria: BtK. Use one and LEAVE IT BE FOR 5 DAYS!! Then do the same with the Safer.


Thanks for that myfriend…now I got a ready to use bottle of the captain Jack’s should I spray down the ENTIRE plant? Bud’s as well? And how well should I wet them down with it? I do know to concentrate more on the under side’s of leaves but I also see the aphids really close to if not on some of the Bud’s as well.

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jack’s is good stuff.

Hi quick question, I know you said use one and let it be for five days but should I still see live aphids on it after spraying them down yesterday night? Or does that mean maybe I didn’t spray good enough? Thanks for your time. Any help would be great thank you.

it’s not an instant kill…it works great. after 5 days…should be cleared out. remember to spray till wet top and underside of leaves.

Capt Jack’s is awesome. If you’re growing commercially however I would check with the state guidelines. Oklahoma’s medical marijuana authority disallows spinosad. Works too good I guess…

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I found some caterpillars on my plants today and freaked! Went to store and they recommended Captain Jacks Deadbug… I just sprayed down the whole plant, buds and all. Read some posts about NOT spraying buds and just spraying leaves… How the hell that possible during flower is beyond me. That said, any advice as to leaving it on, spraying it off after a certain amount of time after spraying Captain Jack on…? I got screwed last year by these cats and they aint getting my weed again…

What ratio of mixing did you use for the jacks? I’m battling some pests myself… I bought jacks and I’m not sure what ratio to mix (jack:water)

Apparently the recommended dose is 2 ounces per gallon as per the directions on the bottle