Captain Jack’s - aphid problem please help!

Hey everyone , I’m about 1-2 weeks from harvest - 12 Blue Dream outdoors . I’ve sprayed my plants 3 times with neem oil during veg and just before flower . Now I’m very close to harvest and I have a fairly bad Aphid issue going on . I’ve been spraying with Captain Jacks dead bug spray and it didn’t seem to get any better, only to realize it’s for just about every other bug except Aphids :sob:. Is there anything I can do late into flower ? Everyday I’m finding new larvae and aphids

There is a recipe for a hot pepper, soap, and tobacco spray somewhere one here that may work.

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Thank you ! I’ll look for it !

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Might try doctor zymes. I believe you can use that until day of harvest

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Captain jacks is safe up to 1-2 weeks of chopping. I would recommend a peroxide wash after you chop. For the most part there’s not much you can do at this point being so close to the end.

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Thanks @Covertgrower . This has me really stressed out lol . The bud wash should get all of the aphids out of the buds or just kill them ?

Should kill them. There is a book on the bottle that tells you the dosage and requirements. Believe you have to use it a few times

I’ve read the booklet and it does not list aphids. I also googled and saw quit a few posts saying it does not work on them ( I read because aphids don’t eat the leaves they only suck all the juices out therefore doesn’t kill them :frowning: … really sucks because that’s why I specially bought captain Jack’s )
Looking like nothing I can really do without harming the budz this late into flower . Has anyone every tried anything else like peroxide or Castile soap ?

Peroxide will kill them too. Might some discoloration of the leaves. But being this late it won’t matter.


I found this and going to give it a try ! It’s organic , Says kills aphids within minutes and may be applied to edibles same day as harvest . Fingers crossed
Thanks for the response !


Next time you need more of that when you use up what you have and want to save some $ in the long run buy some Dr. Bronners soap and mix with water it has the same active ingredient as what you have. Potassium salts of fatty acids…blows up soft bodied insects on contact.
Good luck


Thank you @Skydiver!
This stuff works amazing and the bottle was only $6 , kills them within seconds but I’m still going to get the stuff you mentioned. I really appreciate your help !

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@Newbe1kenobi did you spray on flowers too? Or just leaves? I see some aphids on flowers unfortunately.

I’m in almost exact situation as you, except I caught it early and it’s not that bad (yet). Assuming the worst so just wondering below aggressive I should spray.


Spray the whole plant off with the water hose and hose it down thoroughly.

Soapy water great too!