Capacity of tent


I buy everything from Amazon.


Since I have my QB, my electric costs have not even been noticeable, like $20 a month.

I live in NYC, our electric is very expensive.


Sure, and I’ll have the QB like you. I’d rather pay a bit forward now with great equipment and not see spikes in electricity demand that have a sneaky way of telling on you.

Will I be running the inlet and outlet fans for the entire grow? I also think I need a small clip-on fan inside the tent for air movement across the foliage?

LOL @raustin, you’ll be the one trying to get away from my insistent questions!!!

BUT…I am taking it ALL in and learning!!


Yes, one of the great things about the QB is it uses so little electricity. You pay a little more up front, but it’s really worth it after just one grow. The less efficient lights use a lot of electric and give off a lot of unnecessary heat.

I run my big fan all the time, though I unhook the filter to not wear it out. The little fan I run when I feel it’s necessary, like once the plants get bushy and need more air movement. I don’t use a clip on fan, but I think I’m going to this grow because last grow I did get a tiny bit of mold which I’d like to avoid.


Amazon for the win.


Especially when you have Amazon prime. Lol.


I sign up under a diff address every delivery :joy::joy::joy: like 6 free trials


Makes my Amazon Prime 5% rewards even sweeter!

BTW…When I harvest my first bud, I’ll be super excited like a proud “poppa”. I’ll share here of course, but this is not news for the streets. Loose lips and all that stuff.


We all feel like proud moms and pops when we harvest! It’s just like having real kids, but better.


YOU are cool!


Alrighty Ms. @raustin, pulled the trigger on the light. Most everything else will be Amazon.

Horticulture Lighting Group 135 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit V2 × 1
Yes + $25.00 / 3000k V2, General Use & Flowering $212.49

Subtotal 	$212.49 

Shipping $0.00
Total $212.49 USD

If you see this is the wrong product, I just ordered and can change.


YES! Excellent! Did you get the kit, or are they assembling it for you? I had mine assembled, but I hear it’s really easy to do yourself.

Oh, I see you got it assembled.


For the sake of argument ($25) I had them assemble and test to make sure it works as planned.

If I expand in the future, I can gang these lights together in a larger tent, although I see little need for expansion considering personal medical use only.

One thing I liked about your selection of this light is that we can adjust the wattage down to 65W for seedlings (if we choose), then up to 135W for full power. Lots of potential here.


Exactly, it’s a great little light. I also only grow for myself and I have so much weed that I just give it away to friends. I wish I could expand, but I just don’t have the space.


I was Navy Submarines and stationed in Groton, CT right across the sound from you. I ran Long Island pretty hard in those days. LOVE NY!!

Seeing they cram 150 guys into a pipe (slang for submarine) that is intentionally sunk for months at a time, no darn wonder we need a bit of medicine for PTSD.

Nowadays they have women onboard, so I think my PTSD would have been much less severe…LOL.

None the less, you can easily identify my need for the medicine being discussed.


Ah, a Navy man. Thank you for your service.

There are so many military people here in the forum with PTSD, all trying to cure themselves, many have succeeded. I hear the stories all the time from you guys. I don’t know how you do it.


I (we) can take tranquilizers or a variety of opiates all of which can be addictive or cause numerous negative side effects. I personally feel cannabis is the ideal solution for a large variety of medically related issues.

Sorry for the soapbox. I’ll be so proud to share my grow journal with you as my mentor.


Don’t be sorry, I love listening to people, especially when they’re praising cannabis. Lol