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I am reading everything I can find on indoor growing which is mostly a very good thing, but there is a downside in that some information I find is semi-contradictory. But I’ll exercise my best judgment and also ask questions on ILGM which seems to be my best resource.

Based on soild advice from @raustin, I’m prepping my purchase list to setup an indoor grow system and outfitting a 2x2x5’11" Grolab G60 tent. I’ll be using soil to start and need to consider the capacity (number of plants in this tent) of my first grow. Basically, should I focus on ONE plant at first? If this grow is successful, would this small tent be able to handle 2 plants (5G fabric pots) w/o stunting the growth of either plant?

I am considering buying feminized seeds suggested for beginners from ILGM, and wondered if Northern Lights or White Widow would be a solid choice to begin? Actually, I am not concerned with bumper yields at this point, I simply want to have a successful grow as a learning experience. I’ll worry about yields down the road. This is personal medicine anyway, so smaller quantities will be just fine.

Advice appreciated!!


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That tent is really only big enough for one plant, though I’ve grown as many as three in it - it was very tight and not very successful. For your first time you should only grow one plant. You can train it, SCROG it, LST it, but keep it simple for your first. I got six ounces on my last SCROG, it’s a great training method.

Northern lights and White Widow are both perfect choices for your first time. They are great strains and are very forgiving for the beginner.


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I would grow 2 at least… better chances for a harvest… even if it does get a little tight… I like em tight , what can I say… :grin:



with smaller pots you can SOG with a bunch of clones from a mother plant. that approach maximizes your square footage and light.

I havent done it and i probably wont because i dont know what i would do with all that medicine. It takes me forever to use what i do have. My point is that my advice is more academic, but i understand the SOG technique is pretty simple.

that being said I follow and listen to all @raustin 's advice, if she says start with one, i would.


as a side note i just upgraded to an hlg from an amazon blurple (so happy to be returning it tomorrow) and im already so happy.

what kind of light are you planning to use?

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@raustin…you are the “Star” of the show as my mentor, so why in the world would I want to get away from you…LOL. I wouldn’t be here preparing to pull the trigger w/o you.

Juggling several balls at once, I’ve been planning a homebrew for the weekend which is a New England IPA. Guess I’m a sort of brew my own, hunt my own, make my own jerky type of guy. I just “roll” that way…now we can add grow my own to that list.

@basementstealth, I’ll give the credit of equipment selection to @raustin. From what I’ve read the advice I’m getting is golden, and she (I think my mentor @raustin is a lady?) and she has suggested a 135W light with a 3000K quantum board. I’m right at the pulling the trigger stage to make the purchases to build my system. I’ll start small, and if this blooms into a great hobby, I can expand my basic system from here. I did the same thing with my distilling and home brewing systems, and bought basic gear which had the capability to expand with me. But I’ll add that I seek out quality components to start as skimping on a few bucks here and there only costs more in the end.


ditto on all counts. i also used to brew beer. Cheers brother!

and yes @raustin is a real classy lady


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@MT3 you’re gonna love this hobby, it’s very addicting. I see you growing twenty plants next year. Oh, and yes, I am a lady.

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Awww don’t blush @raustin, you deserve this recognition and praise for your tireless contributions! I love horticulture and it was my favorite elective in college along with cheese making in the microbiology department…hence my love for brewing and distilling. So much magic in nature!

I’ll start a grow journal soon, and as I prepare my game plan, I’ll have a question or three as I build my grow tent and associated gear.

Q: Popping seeds - I have used Jiffy Peat Pots in the past for popping seeds of various types…ie tomatoes, vegetables, annuals…etc. May I ask your opinion on the best way to pop seeds for an indoor grow?

I will use Fox Farm Ocean Forest bagged soil in a 5G fabric pot, using one 5G pot/one plant to get my groove on with this small 2x2 tent. Left to my own devices, I’d pop the seed in the Jiffy Pot, then transplant the whole peat pot into the soil so not to disturb the seedling roots. I have read several different opinions/techniques for this, but I’m following your lead and will not wander off the path you suggest. This way, if I develop problems during the grow, you’ll be able to trace my exact steps for review.

I’m studying nutes right now, and I’m sure a few questions will come in shortly. One step at a time as I am focusing on preparing my grow plan now. I like to have a map of my journey before I head out on the road.

Personally, I don’t really like Jiffy pots, but if that’s what you have then it’s fine. Plenty of people have success with them. If you don’t have them, then I recommend getting Rapid Rooters, they are completely idiot-proof. I’ve never lost a seed with them.

The best way to germinate a seed is to soak it in some water with a drop of H202 for 24 hours. Then straight into a Rapid Rooter on a heat mat set to 77°F. That’s all I do. No wet paper towel because you can damage the taproot.

If you’re going to use Foxfarm Ocean Forest, then I recommend using Foxfarm nutrients. You can just use the three basics: Big Boom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. Or you can use the whole line called the Dirty Dozen, which includes the main three plus micronutrients. It’s a little pricey, but that’s what I use and I love them.


I agree with the others, one plant is more manageable especially on first grow.

As you get rolling opening up to more plants in sog styled grow would be an option. There are some very specific steps to doing that though, and probably not the most beginner friendly. So get s feel for your space with a single plant at first. Once you get your space dialed in and some experience, I would lean towards what @peachfuzz said, you can get bigger yields faster by running multiple plants.


Right @dbrn32, I need to learn to crawl before I walk. I’ll be running before long, but I realize I’m just beginning my learning curve. Appreciate the input.


It comes to some people really fast. Tons of first grows that turn out extremely well. Plenty of not great ones too though. Best I can say there is to be informed and overly prepared before you start. And DO NOT be afraid to ask questions, lots of awesome help here. This is absolutely one of those things that it’s easier to ask first then do.

From where you’re at, I’d get your space together and try dry run for a couple of light cycles before dropping a seed. Will let you see if everything will play nicely before you’re committed.

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I’ve got a supply of seeds from an outdoor grow this year in which I talked my friend into leaving male plants so we would have seeds. The females made a ton of seeds and he is pissed at me…but heck the medicine is darn potent anyway. This hit or miss (50% male/50% female) approach with the seeds forces us to cull the males next year in the outdoor grow, but none the less, I have seeds to play with.

If nothing else, I can play with a seed or two in the rapid rooters to test germination success with this system. I have a ferm-wrap I can control temps like a germination mat. I think I can make a “terrarium” by loosely draping a large ziplok baggie over the rooter and allow it to still get air to the pot until it pops.

I’ll also try the system as a “test” with lights, vent system, etc with a seedling just to get a hang of the operation. I don’t want to use a ton of soil and nutes just to find I have a male plant, so I’ll just run it a few days to see if the plant responds…and doesn’t croak!

I just hate to jump right on an expensive feminized seed and make mistakes. I rather try a seed that is more or less “disposable” and use as a test before moving into the real deal. Your point is well taken.

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That’s an excellent way to start.


Im just nack here to say well done so far. You my friend have the right mentors AND mentality for growing. Keep soaking up knowledge. N soon ‘growing your own’ will def be on that list

O n your friend will get over it when yall start chopping forests down


Yeah my buddy and I had a setback (outdoor) when a hurricane 3 weeks ago came in and ripped our plants pretty badly. We were looking at beginning the harvest pretty soon right before the storm hit, then mother nature beat us to the punch. Outdoor has tons of advantages, but an equal number of issues. We still saved a reasonable amount. I’d say based on this experience, indoor offers unique advantages for sure.

I was just at Lowes Home Improvement looking for Foxfarm potting soil, nutrients and Rapid Rooters. Likely this is a bad time of the year to find much other soil than Miracle Gro (I know better) and starter plugs. Is there a source that I could possibly find online that wont soak me with high shipping costs?

@raustin seeing that you have me setting up a system that is basically identical to yours, and I assume our power demands will be very similar, how much in terms of dollars do you see your electricity bill increase monthly when the system is operational? My kilowatt hours is pretty pricy here and I’ll bet yours is too. Not nit picking costs mind you…just wanted to know what to expect and a ballpark amount you have noticed.

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