Cant you smell that smell?

Still at the planning stage and was wondering how much smell/stank I should expect in general. Live in an apartment and most neighbors are cool, to a point but if it smells like I’m breeding skunks, I might have to rethink things.

If all goes well I’ll have a tent and filter, but I just need to know in general if it’s going to be obnoxious.

Oh yeah, I’m only planning one plant ( ww auto) for first grow. If I get brave I might try 2 but probably only the one

Run a closed tent along with a fan and carbon filter and you shouldn’t have a whole lot of smell. Carbon filters are remarkably effective.

Smell depends to some extent on strain too. Some strains have terpine profiles that put out a lot of odor.


Like @MidwestGuy said. Filter and strain selection


Are white widows particularly odorous? I love the smell of weed personality but I don’t want any notes from management on my door

I’ve never grown white widow, but I’ve never heard anyone say that it is particularly odorous.

Don’t grow 17 in an apartment complex or it will stink and you WILL receive visit from building management. Just happpened this week to another forum member.

1-3 plants will be far easier to control the stink.

White Widow strain was created during Pot Prohibition to be on the down low.
Lack of odor is a major good thing about WW strains. Even dried it is low odor.
Easy to grow. Very forgiving of mistakes. A good beginner strain. Good buzz.
Often recommend for beginners.
Suggest you consider at least two so anything happens, still have one.


Yeah I saw he had to chop early and hope the smell dissipated

Maybe doing 2 is a good idea just in case

Great news on low odor, the girlfriend will be pleased with that for sure

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I question the intelligence of said individual. 17 in a apartment? Wow


I just finished a run of ww and if anything, it smelled lemony and sweet. The drying stank a bit but I wasn’t using any kind of carbon filter.

Lemon :lemon: I can handle, I’ll just say I dust a lot with lemon fresh Pledge. :wink:

You could even have a separate filter outside the tent in the room just to grab any odor that gets out