Cant wait to see what this grows to be

So i have 3 stains plugging along:
Blue haze

Super silver haze

And (the problem child) purple haze

Heres the story. I drop a seed of each into water. Day later transfer them to paper towels. Blue and silver pop some tails so i put them into soil. I leave purple in the paper towel to keep on cooking. Check on little purp then next morning, but something smells funky. Pick up the seed and it basically melted in my fingers all sorts of nasty. Oh well throw another purple seed into water.
Transfer to paper towel. Next morning i go to check on the wee one and its just cracked open and has the slightest sliver of a tail. I figure id let it cook a little more and plant it when i get back from work.
Well i work in a time suck of exploitation and worked a lot later than anticipated by the time i get home paper towel is all dried up and the sliver of tail has receded back into the shell. At this point I’m tired and pissed so i just splash more water onto the paper towel and say to myself “f#$% it, lets see what happens”
Check on it the next morning and to my amazement purples tail is back and had grown. Time to get solo cupped!!!
In between sips of coffee and getting kids/myself ready for school/work i manage to get purples new home all ready for her and then proceed to drop the seed.
Now im not taking nestled nicely into her solo cup home. Im talking on the ground. Clumsy style. Search for a bit but have to go to work and get kids on a bus. Cut my losses and just throw another seed into water. Eventually i managed to get her planted. 3rd time is apparently the charm but now she is continuing to befuddle me with her weird leaves. If i were to come across it randomly in the wild i would not suspect cannibus. I can’t wait to see what it turns into.

Purple haze is the bane of my existence


The Purp looks fine. She’ll be alright in 2-3 nodes. :v:

Thanks for the confidence boost lol. I hope shes going to be the ugly baby who turns into a supermodel.
I gotta say though these baby’s stack nodes. Squat little things


Has more to do with your light intensity I think. If you’re happy with the spacing though, leave it as is. If you’d like some room to train, you can lower your light intensity a bit and let ‘em stretch.


Ha! I had one like that, a Dutch Treat I called Stevie. Started out like Steven Tyler, ended up like Stevie Nicks!


Chopped Aug 15th, still curing in jars. After I finish my last 1/2 oz jar of Bruce Banner harvested July 13, she’s next!


They rocking out to about 40ish dli. I probably will lower it i would like to start training it sooner rather than later.
This is my first foray into photos. Had fun with some autos that were abused and still kicking strong

Its starting to turn purple :heart_eyes:


Raised light and got the shorties to gggrroooow.
Red tag = purple, blue is blue and white is super silver


Purple auto because its pretty


The 3 ladys got some temporary friends today!!!



Everytime i look at her i keep finding she stacked on more pistils


Blue haze was topped and going strong

Silver haze was fim

Purple haze is just all sorts of f#$%ed still

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Found a new tent mate to join my haze experiment. Just have to find something to do with all my rubber trees clones. Gonna need a 3rd tent

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Light bondage with the ladies tonight
Blue haze is a monster. Was a big seed too so i find that kind of interesting.

Silver haze is chugging along nicely

And purple haze…well purple is still sitting in the corner eating crayons.

The rubber tree tent mates are slowly finding homes with friends and the remaining will probably move out of the tent once the lambs bread, sirius black and rainbow kush pop their tails.

Lambs bread, sirius black, rainbow kush and 4 mango smile autos waiting on tails

Big rainbow tomato, ice plants, dianthus, blue clone, and a silver clone and i forget what’s in the 4 pots in the back. All for the kids tent (minus the clones of course!!!)

Gonna be a jungle!!!


Feeding time ph 6.8 ppm 1450 and some training and clipping

Ph 6.2 ppm 1750

Ph 6.09
Ppm 1870

And good old purple
Ph 6.01
Ppm 1890

Played around with the cloner see what takes

Tent revamp and consolidation. Decided to cram everything into one tent.

Heavy bending twisting and turning of blue purp and silver. Light trimming.

Making a switch to coco. Moved mango smile to coco. Few clones in coco, unsure what I’m going to do with them, most likely in their forever home. Flower them in a cup and see what happens. Purp haze auto to coco. Left big ladies in back in soil.

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flipped to 12/12


And the mini tent menagerie

Sparkle fun

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And one of the whole family