Can't tell the Sex of this healthy plant

That’s a bitch if ever I saw one, give it a week and you’ll see white pistols. P.s all my sexist remarks are for humour, I actually respect women more than most men. Except when it’s that time if the monrh. I need tips on how to not rip walls apart when she is.

Ok I had to post an update, can’t believe how spot on you were on the changes going into week 3 of flowering.

Here are some shots of my girl

Lowest site

Top site

Just some random hairs

Big changes in plant over all

These were taken 2 days after 1st set of pictures.

I know your a grower once it :seedling: but now that she is showing sex and growing like crazy I feel like a grower.

Going to post some pictures of where I want to cut for clones for opinions.


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Let the fun begin my friend now you really got to watch them do their thing it’s incredible it’s watching a flower girl the taste really good LOL keep up the good work buddy and please keep me up-to-date

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So another question not sure if you can answer. The one seed that worked was supposed to be OG Kush, does she look like it?

Third week of flowering

OG Kush?

All sites look like this

Good size for 2 weeks veg 3 weeks flower under 450 LED ?


Lookin’ good :heart_eyes:

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Can’t believe that I am getting these results! I remember being like 14 opening up a high times and saying one day I will grow. Now thanks to the internet and ILGM I have this beautiful girl. I can’t wait for more.


congrats, it’s a girl!


If someone gave it to you then it’s possible it is that’s why I order from ilgm because I know what I’m getting every time

No I brought before finding ILGM already sent order for my next 4 grows from here.

Going to try 2 autos also everyone speaks so highly of ILGM, at 1st was afraid of the whole custom thing.

I asked if it looked like it because 5 others were bad this was the only one to work. Think other bank is a dude selling whatever so I waz taken live and learn

They look good can’t tell you yet I just started my og kush today

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Yours is absolutely real all I hear is good with ILGM strains!

I am so glad I found these forums and seed bank, there are so many dangerous sites and videos out there.

Just last night watch a you tuber that said to remove all shade leafs and smaller branches week 3 or 4 of flowering I woke up wanting to do some thing with my girl so I got my supplies ready to start cutting,

Something told me to double check that info and man I am happy I did would have messed up my 1st grow.

I am happy that I dodged a bullet but hope others don’t get messed up.

Wish people would just tend to their gardens and leave advice to themself

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That’s the nice thing about here when everybody is willing to help you out if you need it and you will not get bad advice

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I have one,my first driving me nuts. It has huge stiplis and they are all crossed…but what I’m seeing is like little new leaf growths…but no hairs…their shape is pointed…like mat example of a female…and under a loupe they are covered with small white hairs…but no long ones…plant is around 5-6 weeks.
And it’s a beauty!
Iv read that crossed stipulis is always female…
Is this true?