Can't tell the Sex of this healthy plant

I am praying to the Cannabis Gods, she will make beautiful clones if she’s a she



its a girl


I don’t think it is showing any signs just yet but they seem ready to display soon. I think when the signs are there you will see them and those are great photo’s so with that skill, someone will be able to help. I am not the most skilled at sexing but I just don’t see anything yet that sways me one way or another.

i looked again and i think i jumped the gun, sorry

still new

Guide me to the give away. Photo #2??

i think what i thought i saw was in photo #2, and i don’t see it anymore so i think i may just have wanted it to be fem and jumped the gun


Ok maybe too soon to tell, so glad no comments that its a male gives me hope

Been 12/12 for 2 weeks under a 450 LED, but to defend her shes only 5 weeks total from seed. It has a 3/4 to inch thick stalk

Back to praying lol


There does appear to be two white pistils in that #2 photo which I didn’t see first glance. Not sure though but we must have seen the same thing. @mulch

Yea thats what I was thinking cant find on her to take another picture, I will keep praying, I so want to take clones it’s OG Kush or at least what some bank said but only 1 poop out of 6 which is hard odds can’t wait for my beans from Robert


At least it is a healthy child :grin: My flip of the coin says she will be the big healthy girl you always wanted(fingers crossed).

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When you see those lovely crossed legs, you know she’s a keeper! :sunglasses:

Congratulations on your new girl looks like a healthy beauty

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I think its a girl, give it a few days…:wink:


Sure hope your right, been looking at every node and theres a couple that are looking female but no pretty white hairs yet. Every one has been great even with this dumb newbie question. Ive read 2 books and hundred of posts and knew the answer before my studying Time and patience is key with aspect of the grow :seedling:

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So the light cycle is it 12 on 12 off at 2 weeks this is when your patience count your first two weeks don’t count them so now you are in your first week of flower The first two weeks are a transition week you’ll be able to tell a big difference here in the next few weeks


Yes Hogmaster 2 full weeks of 12/12 after 3 weeks of Veg under a 450 watt Led,

Yea starting to see big changes, it’s been like watching paint dry up till now lol.
Now at least when I visit her 4 times a day I have things to do. I have been training her to keep the best parts in the Light (wish I used a sog) I’ve had to hand tie her in a star shape.

I will try to post pictures of the coming weeks to show them damn hairs if they finally show

Thanks for not bashing me over question

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Looks like a girl to me. :+1:

We don’t bash people here my friend we help them succeed if they want the help


@Ragnar I hope you don’t hang out in bars until closing time.


Havent been inside bar for over 20 years now…:wink: