Can't tell the sex of plant

Hey was wondering if I could get some advice on determining the sex of this plant. I did notice that it showed some hairs while in veg stage, but now in it’s 2nd week of pre flower I’m seeing something new.

That looks like a male will u post a few more pictures without the light

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First Welcome to ILGM we all wi!ll do our best to help.
As @Deebay0426 was saying. If you turn off the we would be better to help you


That is a male my friend

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That’s just my opinion

Yup, what Dee said… sorry

Looks like it’s getting pretty ripe, you might want to tend to it sooner than later

Yep dem be nanas
You dont want them opening in your grow area I have heard stories about ppl getting seeds in grows later from left overs.

Its a boy…sorry


Thanks for the heads up guys, plant was removed about 4 days ago and placed outside for practicing on. I had to get rid of 4 clones taken from the male, first time cloning and all rooted very well. I still have a definite female and 4 clones from her doing great.

Vegged for 7 weeks after it reached its 4th node. Now towards end of 2nd week pre flower. Started with some LST, then super cropping and finally topped once.

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Just finished week 5 of flower. Seeing a lot of clear trichomes coming in, and buds popping up.

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I am a first time grower, and I started with seeds from some killer stuff I had a few years back. I ended up with 3 plants surviving, and I haven’t identified which is male or female. Two of my plants are more squat and bushy, with fuller leaves, and one is taller and more spindly. Surely the taller more spindly one is the male. What do you guys think, surely the one on the far right is a male. Do I have to wait until flower stage to get rid of it? My closet is getting crowded.

I would wait till they show signs of gender. Depending on how the seeds got pollinated, the dads could be different strains if it wasnt a hermie. Sativa grows taller than indica. Wouldnt want to kill a girl just cuz she is skinny.

Yeah, it’s best to wait until they show their sex before you get rid of it. Don’t want to kill a female in error.