Can't tell if this is the beginning stage of a Bud on this strain. U-Pink Kush

Can someone tell me if this is a male or female? Week 3 of flower. Can’t tell if this is simply the beginning stage of a bud, or she hermied

Here is a better picture. From what it looks like, it appears to be a hermie.

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It appears to be hermie, you can try carefully removing the sacs with tweezers. But wait for someone with more grows under their belt to see what they say.

a closer look would help…very hard to tell… I would keep an eye on her for a few days and let it develop a little further

Thanks for the reply. I’ve moved her to another part of the house lol. A beautiful plant, close to 24 inches tall.

Yup looks suspicious at the least. Anymore internodes have growth

Definately has bananas growing there. I always hate seeing that but I will always yank them immediately after I am sure. Fighting it could mean one of the pods bursts before you see it and there goes the whole crop.

Buds never start at the base of a branch but at the end of one.

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Yes counted 8

Kill it!! Those are definitely male flower pods. 100 percent positive!

Start again and better luck next time. The buds won’t be worth the effort put into them.

I am the only man allowed in the grow!..

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The infiltrator has been neutralized. Thanks for the help everyone!