Cant tell if theyre clear or cloudy

Posted this in my journal also but i wanted a quick answer incase its time for harvest. Are these ready? I was expecting a late November harvest but these tri’s seem cloudy already. Only half the pistils have turned amber while the others are still milky white. The bud sites definitely seem underdeveloped still too but the color of the tricomes is throwing me off. Thoughts?


They look mostly cloudy. I’m assuming those are sugar leaves and not the bud?


No thats the bud…the top of the bud. Also did it to multiple.

From what I can see they look mostly cloudy.

Im going to recheck when lights go back on, im really hoping its not finished because i was hoping for 3-4 more weeks of flower and its only been flowering since beginning of October.

this is what the plant looks like, its so underdeveloped for harvest ):

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What color are the pistils? If they are mainly white, don’t worry because when they are mostly amber/brown color is when you start to look at the trichromes and not on the sugar leaves.

The pistils are still mostly white. Im going to redo the tricome pics later to double check. Im 90% i didnt get the sugar leaves those were the buds.

You ain’t ready bro you have 2-3 weeks imo. Be patient! Happy growing gromie!

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You definitely want to make sure it’s not the sugar leaves. The general rule seems to be if the pistils are mainly white means it’s not ready yet.


updated pics i just took of the buds

got even better ones

My eye sight isn’t the best but they look Milky with a couple amber trichromes.

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It still looks a bit early, I’d wait until a few more amber start to show up. Some of them still look clear. You probably have another week or two.

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Definitely a couple of weeks more.


You are at least few weeks away for sure. The buds will really fatten up in the next couple of weeks. Everything looking great.

@MrPeat @PurpNGold74 i just watered and got my ppm meter. I tested the water before watering and it was 600 ppm and 6.3 Ph. Afger watering i tested the runoff and its 1500 ppm and ph of 5.8. Is that ok? Im only using flora mirco and flora bloom and cal mag supps.

pH is on the low side, but ok. If you are in soil then it is a bit low. 5.9-6.2 is what I usually target.
If you are using GH Flora series, I follow this schedule in Pro-Mix HP

Never had a problem following this schedule and average 5-6 oz premium bud. (I don’t bother weighing anything else like larfy buds or sugar leaves).

Im following the same chart.

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Judging by your plant you are definitely doing something very right!!! :grinning::sunglasses: