Cant stop yellow leaves help

I have tried flushing, Ph in substrate is good !! Temp OK a little hot in on but nothing unusual here. Just overall there’s something I can’t put a finger on !!

any help greatly appreciated. Plant just isn’t flourishing ??


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Yeh, thanks I’m talking advanced as each leaf can be a multitude of problems. They get plenty of nitrogen n calmag but still !!

What is your pH?
What size pots?
Run Off pH?

Also, how much calmag are you feeding and how often.

Ph 5.8 ppm 1450 with nitrogen hit. Ph in substrate is 6 calmag 1 ml a ltr. Even three weeks.

Repotted recently plenty of room as used before

If your growing in soil pH needs to be between 6.3 and 6.8 with 6.5 as the target.
1 ml of cal mag/gal every three weeks is not nearly enough. I would be using 2-4 ml per gallon every watering.

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Never been a problem before, growing in Perlite mix mate. I’m not new to this, it’s a complex problem as if you look at my previous crops you’ll see. I need indepth thinking not a google answer. So come up a few levels. Something is going on as flushing will normally fix most problems it’s OK just not luscious like usual.

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Looks like your are getting some nutrients in excess. Resembles nute burn, are you growing in coco? Or some other soiless media? If not your ph is causing lockout of some nutrients and letting her feed on just a couple nutes

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To many drinks. Feed it less.

I was just trying to help MATE. sorry my google answer was up to your damn standard. Good luck with your grow.


Actually if it is soil and not coco then @Familyman is correct ph should be between 6.3-6.8
6 is still low and causing a lock out
What medium are you using

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Every plant behaves differently to it’s environment. Not knowing what your exact setup is makes it impossible to do anything but guess, mate! Being insulting to other members who are trying to help won’t get you any good answers either.

Your PH is wrong; your media is a poor choice and you are paying the consequences.



I said Perlite !!!