Can't smoke it, can't vape it, can't drink alcohol so the Everclear tincture is out; please help me out

I can’t smoke it or vape it.

I can’t do the Everclear tincture because I can’t consume alcohol at all.

I found out that glycerin tinctures are not well regarded as they seem to absorb less THC than using other mediums.

It seems to me that my only two options are infused oil and infused butter which is depressing.

I was hoping to be able to use my extract to easily make gummies. It’s a pain, from the videos I’ve watched on YouTube to use butter when it’s not part of the original recipe.

I was also hoping to be able to melt high cacao chocolate bars but I don’t know if the chocolate would set after me adding a bunch of oil or butter.

I’m really lazy. Well, more sick than lazy. I don’t feel well so I’m not up to doing much hardly ever. I just want to be able to medicate myself with easy-to-make little gummies and chocolates.

I really don’t have any interest in cooking with it except for my medicinal gummies/chocolates.

Can you please give me some advice???



Check out the leevo 2. It decarbs and infuses oil or butter. Very easy and simple :love_you_gesture: I make canna caps as well as edibles


Drop the alcohol on candy and let it evaporate.

I also do not consume alcohol at all!
But I make tinctures and put it on these candys and the alcohol goes away leaving the thc behind :grin:

I call them “dirty peppermints” as they look dirty after adding the drops . .
Number of drops determines how strong of course :+1:

Ive done alot of things over the years and this is by far the easiest way other then just dropping the tincture in my mouth, which I hate. The candy is already made :yum:

Oh and the soft peppermint type candys, not the hard ones. Hard ones want absorb to well, the soft ones do :+1:


I made some serious strong butter which led to some kick ass brownies. 1/ 2 a brownie is all you need
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This was me after eating a whole brownie


You can also make vegetable glycerin tincute

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Welcome @Pillar to the forum!
You gotta go old school and press the resin out of your buds.

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ROSITEK RNP4 4-Ton Hydraulic Heat Press Machine - 3x5 Inch Heated Plates


I’d like to know more about this as I’m in the same boat as OP other than I do like to cook as still get around fairly well inspite of illness.

I read somewhere you could make tincture out of coconut oil, is this what you refer to? If you have done this please give a quick explanation of the process. I assume it’s the same as making tinc with alcohol but, would like verification.


After the flower has been decarbed you can infuse it in coconut or MCT oil. After that you can make gummies out of it. Add soy or sunflower lecithin to help it emulsify and distribute the oil evenly through the batch of gummies.


Welcome @Pillar ! Have you tried eating plain decarb, without doing anything to it, maybe sprinkle it on food? It’s not the most absorbable way, but perhaps it might work, it does for me. It might be helpful especially for those times that you don’t have other/better options. To help it activate quicker (works for me), I steep my decarbed weed in hot water for a few minutes or so, then I drink the water. I also eat the weed, it’s soft by then.

The Levo that was mentioned is a good idea. Here is a more budget-friendly device, @Fiz really likes it:

Ahhhh, I should try that. Although, I confess, the alcohol tincture I made is two years old … still might be good? It’s a strong blend, lol. I was hoping that I’d like it, but the alcohol in my mouth is way too much, I’m a super lightweight and alcohol doesn’t totally agree with me.


Wow, the Ecru is even cheaper than when I bought it.
@Pillar - first, welcome. I bought the Ecru to decarb and infuse, so I made gummies with them (for my husband) and he hated them.

So I decided to buy capsules, and a capsule filler. I use size 0 capsules, and an oz makes about 100 capsules, up to 120 depending upon how fine you grind the weed.

He takes them for his insomnia which has pretty much cured his problem.

It’s much easier to make capsules than any edible.


Thanks @Fiz . The capsules you make are plain decarbed weed? No oil/butter infusion or anything, is that so?

And I think that you use a regular coffee grinder to grind your weed?


Yes, plain decarbed weed. NB: since there’s no fat in the capsule, enjoy a snack with a bit of fat in it to make sure to kick off the effects.

If you’re like me and ate a meal with fat, well - that works just fine.

And yes, mine was sold as an “herb grinder” but it’s a simple coffee mill. I grind the weed to powder for ease of capsule filling.


Having circled back on the thread, yeah, I’d try the tincture on those meltable mints. I used to buy them by the giant tub b/c it was a classroom favorite, and since they melt I didn’t have to worry about choking.

The things you have to think about when you teach little kids, I swear. My classroom was the “peanut allergy” room and it was interesting - one of my students took out a PBJ sandwich in the classroom and I damn near levitated him right out the door to eat in the hallway.


Couldn’t hurt, what’s the worst that could happen. :couch_and_lamp: :zzz: or :crazy_face: I’ll go easy; I’ll need to check my notes, since I made it very strong … I’ll try one drop, oohhh, on dark chocolate. :yum:

Good for your near-levitating of animate objects skillz! :no_entry_sign: :peanuts:


So technically you could make a tincture out of coconut, i have never done this. I have a HI oil infuser . To make a tincture with vegtable glycerine with is a common vape juice ingredient you would need to add your flower into your mixture in 4 stages, splitting equally and allowing the micture to cool down in between infusions. I would definitely recommend the hi infuser as it comes with a manual with tons of options and instructions on how to use it and recipes .


I am a recovering alchoholic. 6 years sober. You can use everclear. Once it is all evapped it is gone.


Canna butter and canna caps is the way to go if you can’t get or don’t want alcohol for sure. I make them too…I use MCT oil for the caps. Learned a lot about edibles from Canadian mad scientists in Bergmans lab.


I started making canna caps about 3 weeks ago and love them. I have a capsule machine and make 100 caps, I use 00 caps.


All you have to do is reduce the tincture to an oil. Place the tincture in a double boiler and slowly cook the alchohol off. Leave a small fan blowing the direction of the flame if youre using an open flame if youre worried about combustion. Personally i use an induction plate and can dial my heat to 180°f. Works great for making FECO and QWET oil


Correct. This is no different than cooking with alcohol. Grats on getting sober btw.