Can't log in on iPad


Just reset my password via my android and I mainly use my phone but for some reason I can’t log in through my iPad, Infact I can’t even try to reset my password via iPad it keeps thinking I’m typing my email wrong but I’m not… And no caps isn’t on

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Try changing your saved password information for the site:
Passwords & Accounts
Website & App Passwords
Scroll or search for ilovegrowingmarijuana

Click on “ilovegrowingmarijuana” and then on the next page if you click “Edit” you will be able to change the password.


I did that first


Okay, then the next thing to try is deleting the saved account information altogether.
Passwords & Accounts
Websites & App Passwords
Scroll to see the ilovegrowingmarijuana selection
Click Edit in the upper right corner
Click the selection to the left of ilovegrowingmarijuana to select it.
Click Delete in the upper left corner


I did that first, rather than trying to change the info I just deleted it and re made it…


Okay, the next thing would be to clear your cache and cookies:
Clear History and Website Data
Clear History and Data

Double check just to be sure the cookies got removed:
Scroll down and click Advanced
Wesbite Data
Search for ilovegrowingmarijuana
If it appears, click Edit in the lower right corner
Click the red dot to the left of the name to delete the cookies

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