Cant keep humidity stable

I have a 3x3 in a 3.5x8 room with 4 babies at week 3 of flower (ocean farm in 5 gallon fabric w/ led light and a humidifier with controller). The temps with light on stay pretty constant at 79 but humidity ranges from 48 to 69. The high humidity happens when the lights go out. Should i be trying to fix this or is this a normal occurance?

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That many plants in a small space is going to create humidity problems. The best option is to increase airflow through the space.

69% RH isn’t all that bad if in veg. If in flowering it may cause issues.


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LIKE @MidwestGuy said, that space (and humidity) may cause problems as u get into flower.

Does ur tent have a passive air intake? Normally its near the bottom. Allows for the exchange of air, when opened


Thanks for the welcome. This site is an awesome ave for info. I have a 6in fan/filter exhausting in the tent and another 6in tube coiled up outside the tent for the intake. I have one fan at the base of the plants that is oscillating. As well as 3 stationary 6in fans above the canopy. Im going to be setting it up so the intake pulls from outside the lung room. I was wondering if i should decrease the plants on the next run. Is having that many fans going a bad thing?

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Remember that your gauge measures “Relative” humidity.
As temperature increases the ability for air to hold water increases. So there is no difference in the amount of water in the air, just that at 79 degrees the “Relative” humidity will be less than when the air temp is 69 degrees. So its not really changing at night in the way you might think.
That said, you probably still want to lower the overall humidity in the whole room somewhat. As was pointed out its not really that bad at this point.


Not really. As long as the plants arent showing stress from them it should be fine. Great air circulation at most dries plants roots a bit faster (not a bad thing)

Controlling the lung room sounds like ur best bet.

And like they said again, ur not really outta range by much. In flower its a bit high but not unbearable


Beautiful, thanks all. Im off to spend and hour talking to plants!

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Quick update. I changed my intake and brought a 30L dehumidifier from Wallyworld. Ive had steady 40-54% in the tent since. At first I was emptying the tank 3x a day but i hooked up a drain line and havent touched it since. Thanks a ton for the advice all

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