Can't Identify This Problem

I am growing these 2 month old zkittlez, indoors, and in buckets. I am definitely not overdoing anything. The leaves are getting worse and I can’t figure what I’m not doing correctly. Any help would be appreciated?

Looks like cal mag issue that isn’t as severe… I see small brown spots that usually means calcium also I see a leaf in the pic that is def showing magnesium deficient… how many weeks of flower are you in?
To me that plant looks over done buds turning brownish watch out for bud rot and other things very hard to see exactly what’s going on but it does look like that plant has some problems mostly environmental issues

Also could be pests not sure what exactly I’m seeing on those leafs

last edit upon further inspection I’m seeing webbing you have a serious case of spider mites and a small case of calcium and magnesium deficiency, those spider mites are definitely having a feast


The plant itself is only 2 months old. It just started flowering about 10 days ago. Whats the safest way to get rid of the mites. For bugs, I spread a little Diatomaceous Earth around the plant already and wanted to treat it with Sevin (for flowers & vegetables) but not sure how safe it is for the buds.

I have heard of people using neem oil with success also heard a lot of people talking about captain jacks dead bug brew as well… I have heard both are safe for flower but I haven’t ever tried it myself I have used neem oil in veg and it worked but it has an awful stench to it probably not good for flower… I’m sure there are more threads about it like peroxide washes and stuff like that to treat it until harvest I don’t think at this point you are gonna get rid of that infestation well not on that particular plant

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