Cant harvest all at once. mmmmm... what to do?

Okay so I have a 6 bucket rdwc setup. And being a rookie I have I have a mostly Indica but also sativa. One of my sativas will probably take for five weeks longer than the rest of my plants, but will probably be my biggest yield out of all the plants. How should I go about harvest and dark periods and flushing when I can’t separate them.

I have a much smaller tent I use to give darkness and cooler temps to the plants if they were done at diffrent times. It is a 20 in by 20in and 36 inches tall. Or i use a big amazon box inside my tent.

you can kinda see the tent in a tent. Lol

I would buy a cheap air pump, a single bucket or tote that would hold the plant in question, and throw it in a bathroom for 24hrs of “dark” right before the chop.

Many enjoyable terpenes are stress responses. Light is also detrimental to volatile terpenes. For me, the rationale behind flushing and a prolonged light deprivation is to maximize terpenes in the flower before harvest.


Ok would it hurt to leave them in there for 48 hours or more in the dark maybe to just help flush a little bit since they won’t be getting any flush at all they’re pretty large plants probably 5 ft to over 7 ft by 3 to 4 ft so trying to cover them isn’t really an option they were in a 4 by 8 by 7 tent but completely got away from me and outgrew it I had to uncover the tent


It won’t hurt to go 72 hours, but I’m skeptical that it will be better. You might want to move the plant to a separate DWC bucket to go lighter on the nutrients approaching harvest, and then do light deprivation in that same bucket but with no nutes and a separate space.

There’s this idea that giving the plant nutrient-poor water somehow cleans the plant out; there’s no scientific support for this. Water gets pulled into the plant and transpired. It doesn’t carry anything out of the plant in that process.

Moisture, Chlorophyll, and things like raphides, cause irritation when we ingest flowers. The curing process helps mitigate the first two, and I’m still looking for info on how to address the third.

I don’t intend to be authoritative on this. I don’t think flushing practices necessarily harm anyone, except when people feel they can add anything to the plant because a flush will remove the nasty additives.

For what you would gain, it may be best to just harvest your weed when its ready? Many growers harvest in stages of ripeness, you cant deprive or do fancy crap when harvesting that way, yet the marijuana is still pro grade weed! I would try not to overthink the process too much. Ive never done the dark think or the ice water root crap, while it may do something I think the drying and curing is where the real magic happens.


yeah this is what im dealing with
I don’t think ill be able to move any of em to easily lol


Plant one is ready…cut stem at soil before lights on or right after lights come on and cut up and hang.
Plant two is ready…repeat above.
As far as flushing in hydro I have no clue as I don’t need to flush in living soil and don’t use man made chemical fertilizers

They are looking great!


Thnx everyone for the help. I’ve read a few books but hearing from other growers first-hand is much more beneficial I’ll be changing a lot on my next grow

Is there a lot involved in a living soil grow ?that sounds pretty interesting

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@Bones Although there may not be slot of scientific evidence to organic grows, nutrient grows with/without flushing and over all flavor. I can say that we do know that alot of what we put into plants the we consume ends up in our body’s in some form.
And that alot of people that have unknowingly smoked organic vers nutes have commented on the smoothness and flavor profiles.
So yes there is a lot going on with living soils. It does require some attention but I personally feel it’s well worth it.
There are many good experienced people here that can help you on your way to living soil. No one person is wrong just different methods. :+1: