Can't Get Seeds To Sprout-Help Please

First time grower. Indoor 3x3 tent, full spectrum lighting, fans for exhaust. Critical 47, Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel. I soaked until I saw a tail then did a mixture of Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Coco. Placed the seed in the soil, (no not to deep) and put it in the tent. I watered using a spray bottle so that I did not over water. None of the seeds popped up through the soil.

So what am I doing wrong?

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How long have you been waiting?

You will struggle flowering more than one plant in a 3x3. You might be able to get 2 in, but managing the grow area and plants will become dicey.

I would choose one or the other. Soil and coco grows are managed very differently.

Keep in mind that seedlings only need a couple ml of water per day. A better approach would be to place a humidity done (e.g. a clear solo cup) over the seedling and spray inside the dome a couple of times a day. Seedlings can get all of the water they need from the humid air inside the dome.

Happy growing!


Can take a week sometimes.


Putting a dome on wont suffocate the seedling?

How long should the tail be?
Can’t I go from soaking to soil?

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There is plenty of oxygen in the soil provided it is not dripping wet or packed into concrete.
Many go from seed to soil (not me)
Some go from sprouted seed to soil (depends if tail is long enough)
I prefer water with peroxide soak. Then to paper towel to grow tail without drowning it in water.

I like seedling trays with a dome. It is easier for me to manage the medium moisture and environment

Eight days later. I lost one seedling. Never came up.

They are in coco and needing to be watered when photo taken.
Dome no longer necessary with good leaf growth


Did you mix your coco with perlite? Can I use straight coco? All I have is a coco block and a bag of Fox Farm OF

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Welcome to the community :blush: My understand is you don’t mix coco with soil. My other understanding is some say FFOF is to hot for seedlings. The advice from above should help you get your beans to pop. Happy growing. :blush::v:

When will I have to start adding nutrients?

With ocean forest i would say +/- a month. But also some variables to how it’s used.

How far should my light be once planted in the soil. Should it be full spectrum bright or medium? I had it set to what sunlight looks like.

I am asking all of these specific questions because I have wasted too many seeds and time.

I did look up on how to first time grow and what I have is what people told me to do.

Its not working…

Yes I mix in perlite. It is the white particles in the mix.

You can. It is not my preference. Coco can hold a lot of water. Perlite provides air pockets needed by plants. I believe most seedling mixes are light to make it easier on young sprouts.
The coco and perlite mix (60 / 40) above is the same I use to grow plants in.
I started with FF OF but would not use it for seedlings. As said it is too nutrient rich for sprouts. I used a separate seedling mix, containing no added nutrients, from a local garden center.

You can mix coco with soil (FF Coco-Loco). You just have to know how it changes the character of both. When I was playing around with soil mixes I would do just that. However, I would add 20% perlite to lighten it.

What specifically is the light you are using. If it is on amazon you can post the link. Lights can be very different based on brand, diodes used, etc. I have six or seven different lights and what is recommended for one may not apply to a different one.

Generally up to 6 weeks with fresh FFOF. I have noticed the nutrients get used up faster for a Sativa dominant vs an Indica dominant

I’m on my 2nd grow in the same bag of FFOF. Both was Indica dominant. This is a flower off the 2nd plant in the soil.


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Did they end up emerging after all?..

I learned a lesson this current grow with good tails and they popped…then put into soil in tent and then… nothing. Crickets chirping.

Turns out my tent was only 62F and this halted the fledgling sprouts dead in their tracks… took 2 weeks after planting for them to eventually emerge. Cold temperatures and seeds and seedlings do not go together.

Don’t know if that’s your problem but thought I’d share my experience anyway.

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Thank you for sharing. I actually dug the dead little seeds out and put them in a paper towel just to see what they would do. They grew new tails!! :scream:


I found the light on amazon. In the description it says it consumes 100w however when you scroll down it says 85w ±5. Either way it is adequate to get the plants through veg stage. Young seedling do not need a lot of light. I am a confused if it can switch blue on and off. During veg more blue is better.
However, it is wholly inadequate to flower a 3x3 space. In a 3x3 something with 300+ watts with good quality diodes is typical.

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Don’t give up on them yet!

Plant shallow into fluffy moist soil above 75F and see if they come back to life

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How close?

If it has a tail like you said, just 1/8" deep. Just make sure it’s relatively warm if cold and was part of the problem