Can't get rid of whiteflys

I have a serious whitefly infestation. Have tried everything and can’t get rid of them. Its an indoor grow. Should have switched to flower weeks ago, but don’t want to do it until I get this problem solved. I’ve tried shaking the plants and vaccuming everything that flies off. Neem oil. Several natural organic sprays. Water and dish detergent. and tens of thousands of ladybugs (not all at the same time). Can’t get rid of them. Suggestions?

Also, some of the plants, the leaves are VERY covered in the honeydew they leave behind. Have lost several plants already. Is there a way to wash the dew off the leaves?

I’ve never had them , but how about some fly strip and those yellow sticky pads, to help cut down on them

Looking at this article it seems you have tried almost everything here.
I know several people use Jacks Dead Bug with good success.

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