Cant get humidity over 40


Hi all can’t get my humidity over 40 have humidifier in grow tent with wet towels. I also have been spraying walls and leaves. Plants are autos and 3 weeks old they look like they are doing well any advice?


try a different humidity meter? Maybe the other one isn’t working properly? How big is your grow area and how much heat etc?

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Do you have a fan in tent ?
How about exhaust fan?
If you can put a small pan with water it and hang towel so one end is in pan with water and a small fan next to pan
it will work as a evaporative type humidifier
Run fan on low speed best to put towel on intake side of fan so air is drawn over wet towel should help get humidity uponor you can purchase a small cool mist humidifier


I fought with humidity for weeks in my current space changed to a different light and no longer need to run humidifier temps make a huge difference


I have used the base of an old crock pot with a stainless steel bowl of water on top. Keep it set to lowest temperature setting. Works well. :sunglasses:


Yes I’m only using 250 wt mh so that should not be an issue


Yes fan and exhaust and have towels and warm mist humidifier, tried cool mist but brought my temp down and warm mist got me to a higher humidity all in all my plants look great so prob no need to stress, it’s my first grow so prob overdoing the worrying


What’s your temp inside of tent ? And maybe area you in
I’m in the Hvac Business so I’ll try to help you if possible bro


Getting a variable speed switch so I can turn my exhaust fan down to low helped me bring up my RH by a average of 10 points .


That’s a good suggestion and speed switches are inexpensive


Just wanted you guys to know that there were things out there that didn’t require any power or energy source to create humidity… I found these cheap things for about $8 a piece on clearance of course at Kmart and they work so good I bought 8 of them and never looked back so here you go see if you can find them…



And it works? Here it is on Amazon


They work really well actually… I put them in bigger buckets so to speak… Water evaporates to fast in the bowl that it came with…



Geez, my want list just keeps getting longer and longer, lol





Hum that’s interesting need to look them up
Thanks @peachfuzz


Lol yeah that just doesn’t stop growing
Every time I think I’m good I see another cool piece lol


I live in Colorado. It’s actually raining right now with rh of <30%. I can do everything short of putting a vaporizer in the tent and not get over 40%. My plants have done fine but curing goes a little too fast. I worry about too much humidity rather than too little.

Most of the natural places it grows are not high in humidity. Except for the tropical indicas most grow on the east side of mountain ranges like Humbolt.


Lol I did put a small cool air sonic vaporizer in my tent its the little blue bottle