Can't find feeding schedule


I received my grow booster, flower booster, and mass booster in the mail today from ILGM (in 10 days here in the U.S.!) and I’m excited. Problem is, can’t find the feeding schedule for them.
Right now my pH is 6.5 - 6.8 in all 4 of these plants.
Do I start using the grow booster now?
Also, a friend gave me the seeds and I’m not sure if they’re female or male. As you can see they range from 9" to 14" and we’re all germed at the same time…I’ve read that female are usually shorter & thinner than male.
Thank you for any feedback.


Great looking plants -healthy - strains? for the bloom booster one booster is used in each of the 3 flower stages (early, middle, and late - each stage requiring a different N-P-K)


@jpositive, I hope this helps

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Thank you. Not sure of the strain, seeds were given to me. Don’t even know if they’re male or female! I’ve read that male grow stronger and taller while female grow shorter and more thin. (All 4 of these were germed at the same time)


Thank you garrigan62. Now should I be giving them grow nutes if my pH is 6.2 - 6.5? Or how long should I wait?
Here they are today after watering and getting my pH readings


It’s not true that you can sex plants by height buddy. Height has to do with many factors, but not sex
-good luck


That’s a relief! Guess I shouldn’t believe everything I read online…


Males will tend to be taller than females. That’s a fact .
When you flip them to 12/12 you will find out of then if you have any males.

But most of all start your feeding schedule at 1/4 strength and work you way up other wise you could wind up with problems

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Thanks again! Grateful for the help.


Anytime my friend anytime



Can’t the height difference also be attributed to sativa dominant or indica dominant?


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I believe the thought comes from reading that males can shoot up quickly in an attempt to get high enough for it’s pollen to spread farther. (I believe I also remember a quick comment in Robert’s grow bible.) Being the same strain, under the same conditions, I can understand the concern.

I brought up which is dominate because I didn’t realize WW was a pure strain. Not up on my strains yet as I’ve only recently gotten access to known strains. Until this year, I’ve only grown bag weed from good smoke.


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I would love to relive some of the old flavors. That high will never be regained. I won’t quit smoking long enough to truly get my high back. Oh well.


How about this…Panama Red And my favorite Avaulco Gold an Thai Stick.
I’m growing the Thai noe its awesome with 1 1/2 foot long buds…no lie. I will post soon



I wanna see!!


Here yla go @Jpositive,

I couldn’t fit it all in the pic but you can tell how big it is.



Wow, that is beautiful!