Can't figure out whats wrong with my my plants, Need help!

Hey guys, I’m in week 5 of flower and can’t figure out whats wrong with my plants. it looks like they have a calcium deficiency but i’m adding cal-mag when i water. The leaves are getting brown spots and dying quickly. I’ve filled out a support ticket below and will add some pictures shortly

Strain; Gold Leaf Fem

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? 10 gal air pots with ffof soil and added 20-30% pearlite.

System type? scrog indoor

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Runoff was 7.21 ph and 1750 ppm on one plant, 6.78 ph and 1860 ppm on another plant. Water going in was 6.4 ph and 850 ppm with molasses and calmag.

What is strength of nutrient mix? NA, will measure tomorrow. I am using Roots Organics Master Schedule with added cal-mag at half strength

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Light system, size? 1k hps, 600 hps, 2-70w LEDs, 2-32w LEDs

Temps; 76, 68

Humidity; 50, 50

Ventilation system; 440 CFM exhaust, 220 CFM intake into room

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no

Co2; No


if the leaves smell funny it could be rot but im a novice, might be a simple correction in nuts, let this post hang foe a bit and someone will be able to help you my friend

This might help

This looks like a pH issue to my fairly inexperienced eyes. You might want to flush. Your pH should be between 6.3 and 6.8. I suspect lockout of some nutrients, and too much of others. Runoff ppm is pretty high.


Thanks for the input guys, hopefully ill get this figured out soon.

I think the issue is definitely nutrient related. It looks like either a phosphorous or calcium deficiency but i’m feeding it plenty which makes me think its more of a soil ph issue. I always water the plants with a ph of 6.3-6.4

I did a test with water, molasses, and calmag going in at 6.4 ph and 850 ppm and the runnoff was around a ph of 7 at around 1800 ppm. I’m not sure if the ppm of the runoff was too high.

Either im feeding too much nutes, not enough, or the soil in the ph is out of wack which is causing a lockout.

I’m growing a few super silver haze plants, they’re doing great and on the same schedule.

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Do you feed with every watering?

Your Ph is too high at 7 which is giving you nute lockout. That’s also why your PPMs are high, she can’t eat with that high Ph.


I feed every other watering, every three days apart.

That would make sense about the ppm buildup if the ph is causing a lockout. Its just strange that i only water it at 6.3 and the ph has gone up enough to cause a lockout.

should i try fulshing with a water at a ph of 6? i did a flush on monday morning
with the water at 6.3 and that didn’t seem to do the trick.

What is the ph of your water? It must be very high. Yes, I would flush with 6.0 water to try and get it down to 6.8 minimum, ideally, 6.5.

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The ph of the water and nutrient solution use is at 6.3.

I can try flushing with a ph of 6 but thats close to what im already using, would it be worth it to go down to like 5.8 with the flush? or would that shock the plant?

5.8 is a little low. I would flush at 6.0, that should get you to 6.7 which is in the zone.


Definitely flush, I had something similar to this in my plants using soil more than likely @raustin has got you going in the right direction.


I had the same problem, your PH is locking out PK. A flush with a light nute solution/ water mix should stop it from spreading even worse

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I flushed the plants and the problem stopped spreading. The Ph of the soil was definitely too high, I’ll keep watering the plants with a ph of 6 and check the runnoff from here on out.

Thanks everyone for your help!

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@iheartbuds, a gal in another thread told me that since I am using ffof, looks like you are to, that I didn’t need to add any nutes. The ffof has everything you need in it. She said that once I transplanted into 5 gal pots, ( last transplant ) that the ffof would be good through rest of grow with just water. She said to watch your plants, they will tell you what they need when they need it. I am a novice also, thus is why this is a good place for questions and answers from more experienced growers.

I have the same thing with my runoff, I’m putting in 6.3 ph water, and my runoff is 6.8. That’s without any nutrients. I’m gonna follow the advice of the others in this thread and do 6.0 ph water and see if I can get my runoff lower also.

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I figured that would help, as I had the exact same issue. Glad to see it fixed it.

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I did not know that about the ffof soil, i knew there was some nutes it but i didnt think there was enough for the full grow.

I was thinking about switching to roots organics original soil next run because i’m already using their nutrients. Maybe i’ll do half and half to compare em and start a grow log for it

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You’ll probably still need nutrients for flowering, but ffof does have plenty to get you through veg. Still, “listen to your plants” is good advice. They will definitely tell you, and in soil, there’s time to correct and problems.