Cant figure out what is happening

3 GAL Root Maker II pots FFOF/ Kind soil. Watering with 6.5ph carbon filtered water. Leafs are tuning like these from bottom working way up. I have scoured with microscope and 30x and 60x loupe and cannot see a sign of anything living. I thought mites as I had them before but I see none. Can it be something else?

Here is top

And bottom

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Can you provide a clear shot in natural light of the whole plant? More information on the environmentals would be good too.


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Is it kind soil on the bottom, ff on top?
Tell us about your watering practices, how far along you are etc.

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Kind Soil is always on the bottom. Plants were born around sept 29th put in 3 gal pots on 10/12 19days ago

Watered like I said with carbon filtered water 6.5ph

Watered when needed usually 2-4 days

Temps 78°

air fans for circulation

4x8 tent


Outside out of direct sun This is the plant I took the leaves off for first picture

To me it looks like either Cal or Mag deficiency. Should I try a dose of Cal/mag?

Then the question why if it is.

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It’s tough, since it’s a living soil and you don’t want to disrupt anything.

It could be just a couple leaves, or it could be some calcium and magnesium issues.

Any idea of your runoff tds?

If anything, perhaps just a top dressing of gardeners/dolomite lime. But I’d wait just a little bit to see if it progresses.

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Looks like a calcium deficiency to me. I would add cal/mag and monitor it


The rust spots say cal mag to me.


I agree with the above. They just have to be careful, since it’s a live soil. That’s why I recommended the possibility of using lime.

From the size of the plant I’m thinking the roots have just started getting into the live soil. Hence thinking they might want to wait just a little bit before making changes.


Kind soil doesn’t recommend watering to run off or flushing.

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You can foliar spray cal mag FYI


I have been thinking about the watering and woke up in the middle of the night with a thought. Kind soil does not want you to water with runoff. I have the plants in 2 different rooms. 1 set of plants is a week behind the other. In the tent I have never had runoff.

In the grow room I dusted the plants with food grade DE. thinking I may have had mites again. In the grow room I let the plants dry out a bit longer as I saw something running in the soil so I figured the DE would get it. When I watered I gave an extra day before watering and when watered I gave extra water and actually had a tiny amount of runoff. On the 8 plants I maybe had a cup+ of runoff total.

The leaves on plants in the grow room seem to have stopped turning and look a lot better than the ones in the tent. I was thinking then that maybe it was mites and the DE was working. I looked with the microsope and 60x loupe and still saw not a sign of a mite. I really cleaned with alcohol and hung pest strips and had no plants for 2-3 weeks in the rooms so I figured I got the mites out.

So now I think it was the watering. I may not be giving enough to the tent room plants and that is why they still show the leaf symptoms. It is water day so I am about to water and will water till I see just the start off runoff and see if they improve. I know I watered more on the last 2 kind soil grows and they were flawless.

I am on vacation for a week now so I am going to take the grow room plants and move to the new garage 4x8 tent and water the house 4x8 tent a bit more and move the male DD 6MILS to the grow room and clone them all so I can find the best male and clone the DJ’s BB females in so I can cross them with the DD 6MIL

Sometimes my brain takes a vacation.


It ain’t sometimes with me haha.


Watered until runoff and already the spots have stopped. Going to water again today. The 6MIL plants are some of the healthiest plants I ever saw now. Last week lots of yellowing spotted leaves now looking perfect.