Can't figure out what is going on with this one

Outdoor grow. Others from same strain look nothing like this…

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I’m not an outdoor grower but that sure as heck looks like later stage bud rot. I think the consensus will be to cut out the affected areas and try to spray the near areas with peroxide.

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No!!! Thats one beautiful bud! She’s just a colorful PHENO (variations of genetics. Kinda how u and ur siblings have the same genes expressd differently) this is what im always hunting. Love colorful plants. N she is doing it without temperature. What strain may i ask? And u got full body photos?

Ur pistils do look a bit off tho… is she dusty and brittle?

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I’m kinda torn between both of the above posts. She looks pretty, but questionable. You do appear to be within harvest window, I would examine those buds carefully.

He has to come back one day right? I sooo wanna know what strain n whats going on. Never seen those kinda outdoor colors this early

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These are 2 of the others. Same seed. Same germination…just now beginning to flower.

She is harvested and drying. We shall see. Not sure of strain. Got fem seeds never germed. Actually found 6 seeds from a bag we got for consumption. Took a chance. Grew indoors for 6 weeks. Put out first day of summer. Have had a serious cold snap at night for a few days and seems to have triggered them. They are changing daily. First pic plant went nuts.

No. Nice n moist when we pulled.

And sooo sticky and smells dank af!

Yup i believe the cold just triggerd some fall colors. If it aint brittle ur fine.

Just triggered the one and not the other 4? We lost one so have 4 left 2 are pictures above. All are in preflowers.

Some are just more sensitive. Ive dropped temps to tbe 60’s and havent had a colorful plant yet


It’s been in the 50s at night.

Was decent bud.!
The girls 15 days later. What stage do you think?
Temps dropped to 40s and low 50s. Have to harvest in next 2 weeks. We are moving out of state. Any help would be appreciated. IMG_20190911_105555_01|374x500

Lookin great! If possible i would harvest as close to possible to move day. She has 3+ weeks left. So ull just have to cut whenever… she wont be fully mature. But u should have a nice yield.

Full pics?

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Ready or not? Four different plants. I think first 3 photos are very close if not ready.

Can you tell me if harvest or no. Added new pics. They are changing so fast.

Sorry. Broke my phone and been MIA a week or so. They are progressing nicely… but you still have a while before harvest. How many weeks since first pistils??

About 6 weeks