Cant even describe properly.. fan leaves look compressed

what in the world is going on? it has only affected the fan leaves of 2 plants in a batch of 32. have all technical data available: tds-ec-ph,

mp, humidity, ligh _TPkJ7AtL ng etc… all is good, but only 2 in the room look like this. no bugs, mold or environmental issues that I can see.

You have to wait for the pics to load before you hit reply.

oops! sorry, my bad! other conversation goin!!! Ill reload… thanks bud!

Try taking them under natural light. It makes it easier to see what’s really going on.

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Hope these are better, getting dark and raining here, cfl is the best i can do.

this one shows stage of plant, bud at stalk, fan leaf about 2/3 up on plant
ill have to answer questions if the pics aren’t good, cant get them outside

Looks as if something is scratching the leaves

I initially thought so too, checked real close and thats not happening. its weird, the leaf is not physically damaged, more like it has been sucked dry and collapsed on itself, seems shiny like it was rubbed or buffed, not so much ripped or torn

Try shutting your LEDs off and getting a better picture. With that purple tent, it’s hard to tell

yeah its a room, the last few pics are w cfl lighting, the best i can do for the moment. ill be looking it over in a couple hrs, may clip a leaf for regular lighting photos

I had that issue looks like the leaf just collapsed on itself but shiny mine looked kind of glassy I trimmed the few off that were like that adjusted my lights and changed my air flow once I did that they stopped doing it but I’m not sure what causes it I couldn’t find anything on the internet about it

ive got a few new pics, if anything comes to mind, lmk. The confusing part is that its only fan leaves of 2 plants in a 32 plant grow.Im baffled, airflow, temp, humidity, nutes, ph… i check it all and adjust whatever is needed… ???

Is it all over plant or just certain areas? I have had that happe with fan blowing on same area too long, fan burn kinda. Dries the leaves up if its blowing on the same spot all the time

Agree. Could be from the fan. Wind burn/damage can be deceiving.

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I use a 14" oscillating fan, but the affected plants are not directly in front, rather in the middle of the grow. The leaves are in the middle and upper half of the plant, fan leaves only, the bulk of which do not receive direct breeze. I’ll look into it, but wouldn’t other plants/leaves closer or in direct airflow suffer as well? I’m open to anything, so I will investigate, but it doesn’t quite seem possible with the current setup. Thanks for the idea, different minds different ideas… keep em coming please!!

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