Can't believe how fast the seeds got here

I ordered GL seeds last Tuesday and they just arrived today, 9 days later. I can’t believe how fast they got here. This is my third time ordering from here and I am always impressed at how quickly they arrive. Hats off to Robert and the gang for their great customer service.


I got mine in 9 days , actually 8 days , I don’t count Sundays LOL!!! :wink:

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Mine always come within a week or so. :smiley:

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Within a week!!! what do ya live across the street!!LOL :blue_car:

Hope next order is that quick. Mine must have been lost or stolen had to have them resent

Yeah. I ordered on 5th, starting to get a lil concerned, but will give it some more time. I have bad luck with anything I order for delivery, think the local mail must be slow here.

I wonder about new mail dude. We’ve got the rural carriers that use their own cars I bet he’s one of those dudes that has like 50 tons of mail in his back room. Usually always get something. Ads. Coupons whatever -two three days in a row nothing. And a package? Be a slip in box since u weren’t home it’s at post office. Wtf somebodies always here and you’d have to fill that out before you left the post office.


LMAO! Ever watch Seinfeld? Maybe it’s like Newman, has storage buildings for undelivered mail!


Saw it on the news way back. Forgot how long. Seems I’m perpetually in the 90’s. I’ll be like 10 years ago🤔I mean 25 years ago guy would just bring the mail back to his house instead of delivering it. Whole bedroom was filled to the ceiling.

where’s the best place to order seeds from ?

Right here. Never had better genetics than what I got from Robert.

You’re kidding, right?

    Lmfao lmfao

Same here thks ILGM 9 days to pa. And I agree ordered from other seed bank very poor yield

Here’s the thing. I ordered from another seed bank 7 or 8 days prior to ordering from here. I really want to grow this dark star strain. I won’t mention the other seed bank here but they arrived the day after I recieved my G.L. seeds. I’m not complaining as a little over two weeks is still not bad. But it just shows the great service ILGM gives. Put 2 seeds in water and both popped and going into dirt today. Yahoo

I hope it’s that fast for me. I’m gonna order some more in a few days and if somebody wants to throw in an extra one I won’t complain :grin: