Canopy over flowering plant in rain

I live in Central Michigan and it rains quite a bit and is humid and has stared to rain more and looking like some more days of rain but I was wondering if it’s OK to put up 6mil clear plastic canopy above plants outdoors and leave it up permanently since it’s starting to get close to harvest, and I haven’t had anything above them all year so I didn’t know also if that change would be significant enough to hurt them in anyway


Welcome to the community @ZoobieDoobie lets ask one of the experts on this. @Lacewing @oldmarine @kellydans can y’all help out here?

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I’d rather take the chance under the 6ml plastic than get them wet …
But also I believe @Freebud did this same type of thing and had success
@Flitme thank you for the tag amd calling me an expert …hahaha I am far from it …I’m such a lucky noob

Could have also been @JaneQP that did it


If you put something over your plants, make sure it is well secured…


Yes this :100:!!!
If you don’t make sure it is strong enough to stay up and protecting your plants you could wind up creating a tool to help hurt them should it fail


Thanks I really do appreciate it, yeah I def got it set up very well

Thanks for the tag but it wasn’t me. High plains desert with very little rainfall. A monsoon now and then and just move them to the porch.

I have 6ml plastic covering my plants for the entire grow cycle. Make sure it can drain properly. If water starts to pool up it will cave in. I have a 5x10 dog run that I built a frame for the top with pvc it’s pitched so water can run off. Water still finds a way to make it sag. I poked at few small drain holes where water was pooling. Then I tied some branches to get them out of the way of the drain holes. I use a lot of wire and ducktape to hold it in place. It also needs to be wind proof. A plastic tarp flapping in the wind can cause a lot of damage.


I fold to edges of the tarp abot 2in then ducktape it real good then I feed wire into the fold leaving enough wire sticking out on the ends to secure it to where ever it needs. If I want to take it down and put back up I undo the wires on one side and flip it out of the way. Then I flip it back over and tie it back down.

I be done it the past 20 stated secure it down for water weight and wind especially.In the southeast we get rain every year at the worst possible time .the last two weeks a rain coat is a must.I often use a leaf blower to remove some of the moisture.those last two weeks the babes really fatten up.

Yep @Lacewing it was me. So glad I did it, rained all day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday was icky. Over two inches of rain. Now we’re going to have 70 degree and sunny rest of the week. Almost there, just waiting on a little Amber to show up🤞

Got a bunch of spring clamps from home Depot that secure it all the way around. Make sure rain water can’t pool up anywhere. I put buckets and wheel barrels around to catch the water running off the tarp to not saturate the ground around it.

Welcome aboard @ZoobieDoobie and best of luck to you :v:


Look if ur goin to be having alot of rain i would build something to cover ur plants to help stop bud rot or wpm and to stop ur plants from getting damaged

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Hi all. What is the issue with regard to rain and outdoor grows? Is this a big deal?
currently have three plants outdoors. (autoflower GSC). Two are very close to harvest. Third is just starting to flower. Should I be concerned. (northern CA site).

It’s very easy to get mold and bud rot in the fall during flower sometimes the bigger better buds are more susceptible to it. If I was expecting rain I’d cover them but make sure you have a lot of airflow under the cover

100% agree with plumbdand.IMO AIR FLOW UNDERNEATH is just as important.Ask me how I know?