Canoeing leaves Need help

Looking good to me. Some old yellow leaves at the bottom isn’t anything to worry about.

Are you measuring runoff to get your PPMs just to ensure you’re feeding at right level?

I don’t remember if you are using FF but they have a Bembe product that I think is just molasses and another thing or two, but should be used once buds start forming. Something to do with sugars, you can do the research if you like. :slight_smile:

I think all is well, remember to enjoy and not worry too much!

Im just beginning week 2 ill share some pics once we get some flowers going.


Awesome! And yea I picked up this stuff call Sweet Raw same company that makes the CalMag that I’ve been adding and I was reading on the blackstrap molasses I’m going to throw in… I’ve also just switched to beastie blooms this morning… I’ll keep you posted! Have a good day!

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Holy button tops !!! Lol nice looking grow going
If you call that taco leaves I should be losing my mind !!! Haha I’m outdoors and noticed both of my girls through the entire grow having that taco leaf going on …I assumed it was part of their daily movements

My buds seem pretty solid and appealing tho lol …so I’m guessing it was no big deal
I’m a noob so…ypu are gonna be trimming for hours tho …nothing wrong with that


@stltimmy1979 Good morning! Everything is going good just had a question for you… So they are wanting more nutrients then what’s listen on my schedule so I give her a quarter more then what’s listed and I’ve been giving it a little dose of Calmag every other feeding along with blackstrap molasses any idea what’s going on with these leaves? I can’t figure out if they want more or less? Again they look great just don’t want these leaves to turn in to a problem later on… And it seems to just happen on the veins and edges…

Good Morning! Whole plant pic might help others. I might be getting over my skis here so hope others can help.

If this is a lower leaf, could just be splashing some water with nutes onto the leaf. That will do it.

Others might suggest you scope that leaf and ensure nothing is chomping on it.

If this is a single leaf, I think you are looking for trouble that might not be there.

Re the feeding, are you measuring run-off? You are the first I have read about that pumps more than FF recommends and doesn’t have negative results (or maybe this is part of the issue).

So get a plant pic, tell us how many leaves this is affecting and where on the plant, and give runoff PPM and ph if you can.


@stltimmy1979 I’ll have to get a full plant pic tonight but it’s only on one plant out of six and it’s on maybe 4 or 5 fan leaves 2 or 3 nodes down from the tops… I had 2 and I took them off inspected them and no critters I’ve also used pure crop on and off when cleaning my tent and also a foliage spray to prevent any critters. My PH goes in at 6.5 - 6.6 and my run off is 6.4 and since I’ve slightly upped the feeding my lower leaves have stopped yellowing and falling off. I don’t have a PPM meter.

@stltimmy1979 Heres a full picture of the plant and then if you look on the second pic you can see on the leaf near the tip little brown spots forming slightly…

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@stltimmy1979 I also noticed a few fungus gnats caught in my sticky traps but I checked the soil and dug down about 2 inches and no larvae… Would they have anything to do with it? And if so how do I solve that problem? I have pure crop like I said but I don’t want to spray the plants that heavy while flowering if that makes sense…

Plants look really healthy :ok_hand: those little spots are likely early stages of calcium deficiency. Feed a few ml of calmag per gal of ph water and it won’t progress.
The calcium also aids in building stronger stems and magnesium plays a very important role in photosynthesis so its an all around win.


As for those pesky fungus knats you dont want to keep damp soil as they love that. You have a few options but the best imo and what I do to never never get them. Go pick up mosquito bits make sure you get the little broken up bits and not the rings.

Just sprinkle about a 1/4 on top of the soil, then rough up the soil and work them down about an inch into the soil. Problem solved

Some growers make a tea with them but that work compared to this method. You can also add about 1/2" of sand on top and that will stop them as well but makes it difficult to water imo.

Also when you buy soil and open it up that stuff is usually damp and full of fungus knat eggs and larvae but if you open it a week or 2 before you want use it will dry out and kill them off.

Happy growing✌


@Indicanna_Jones So I’ve been mixing Calmag in every other feeding along side my Molasses and Sweet Raw and it’s gone from 1 or 2 leaves to now another 4 or 5… And I used pure crop tonight as I ordered Diatomaceous earth and was told to mix it in the top soil almost like the bits and I should be good I got the food grade Omri also so it’s safe on everything. Have you heard of that method? And again I’ve been using Calmag so I’m still stumped on the brown spotting…

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Well in that case check your soil runoff ph. I Suspect its below 6.2 which is about where calcium stops being absorbed.

Edit never mind I see that you said it was 6.4. Have you calibrated your meter lately? It really looks like the start of a calcium deficiency.

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Truth be told I think you may be jumping the gun just a bit but catching early is always good. Id give them a little more time and see what happens before making changes.

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@Indicanna_Jones Yea I calibrated it when I first noticed it cause I was thinking the same thing that it was telling me one thing but was really another and when I calibrated it was showing .1 over so my 7.0 solution was 7.1 and my 4.0 solution was 4.1 and you could be right I might just be jumping the gun because it is very faint and only on a few leaves and also it’s only the few fan leaves on like the 2nd or 3rd node down from the top all the others under and above aren’t showing any signs of it (yet) and like you said before they look healthy to me too so I’ll just keep an eye on them and if the problem starts to progress I’ll jump back on here and see if we can narrow it down to what’s really going on… Thank you for your help I appreciate it!

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@Indicanna_Jones One other questions so I’m on the FF schedule and it’s saying I should flush with the sledgehammer which I have but I don’t see any reason why I’d need to (yet) and also I’m in 5 gallon AC Infinity bags and there is 0 signs of any salt buildup alongside the pots and I was reading it could do more harm then good sometimes so my plan was to keep going on the schedule minus the flush and flush like I intended to 2 weeks before harvest does that sound risky or do you think I should follow that schedule and flush now then again in 3 weeks like it says? I’ll keep you posted too I’ll put up some pics first thing in the morning of all my girls so you can see that they are all looking nice and healthy…


I also use foxfarm soil and nutes. If your following their feeding chart I would suggest the flush after the 3rd week of flower just to flush out any salts so I dont run into issues mid flower. I normally run half dose of grow big and never higher than that. I do follow suggested dose of everything else though. I also stop grow big after the 2nd week of flower.


@Indicanna_Jones These are them this morning…


@Indicanna_Jones So my lower leaves were turning yellow and falling off and I read that that’s the plants sucking the nutrients out of the lower leaves so I’ve been giving them 2 ml of everything extra on top of the regular dosage and the yellowing stopped and no signs of nute burn or anything so I’ve just stuck with it for now they seem to be taking it well…

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Totally agree, but 1/4 of what? I used them before but maybe too sparingly.

Also, this is the first run I have used advanced nematodes and I am full organic, in summer, and I have seen maybe two gnats and no other bugs yet. I suggest looking into those as well as a preventative measure but can also be used once you identify them.

@Indicanna_Jones is also spot on, I think you are using FF soil, they are known to ship with some buggers hitching a ride and even inoculate with some to combat others.


@Anthonysilva420 I think they look really good man. Most would be happy to be in this position.

ITs good to be proactive, but as I’ve said you can create problems that don’t exist, both with the plant and in your head :slight_smile:

I can’t agree more with everything @Indicanna_Jones has said here. I would recommend the sledgehammer flush at 3 weeks.

I don’t know what else to add, I think things are looking great.