Canoeing leaves Need help

They are deff still tacos lol and the ones that are canoeing the leaves feel like sandpaper and dry…

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And it’s both my strawberry cough strains that are doing it and slightly yellowing on just the tips of new growth…

No no, I meant the ones you posted like over a month ago that looked like sh!t, sorry to be honest. They were young, top of this thread. Just watned to commend you if you nursed those back into what you have now.

Leaf tips burning could be nute burn, but looks like you might have a ca def going to. Are you using any calmag with the ff trio? Its not much def that I can see but might consider adding that once a week.

The drooping might be humidity. You can check VPD charts but for late veg with 70+ humidity to me that seems like they can’t breathe or transpire, hence they are droopy.

See what others think but we had some bad rains and humidity in my room got into mid 60s and were drooping. Got them into mid/high 50s and perked right up. Look into VPD chart.

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Oh my bad :joy: I thought you meant the ones I posted right before the last ones. And no the ones that look like shit aren’t mine from a few months ago all my plants have been on point up until now…

I was thinking the same thing Cal/Mag deficiency and yes I literally just hit them with 5ml of calmag this morning then did 1 separate gallon of epsom salt 1 tsp and they legit shot up like rockets. But I found this on my lower inside today and that’s all I could come up with was Cal/Mag deficiency…

Also I’m trying to get my humidity down I have a dehumidifier, 2 6 inch fans like a foot above my canopy a 20 inch box fan blowing threw the vent from the bottom outside of my tent and I have a 4 inch exhaust fan and today it was 97 outside but my tent and set up is in my basement and no matter how I switched it around the humidity hit 79 today the highest it’s ever been…:pensive:

Thank you for the help I really appreciate it and if you can think of anything else let me know!

I’m going to post the leaf that gave me the idea it was a Cal/Mag issue and also I’m going to post a shot from after I tried to correct it maybe like 3 hours after. (I apologize for the purple I’ll post again tomorrow when it’s lights on for better lighting) but you can definitely see they perked up nice…

@stltimmy1979 So these are the girls after I hit them with some Calmag and a little epsom salt yesterday and then last night I switched them over to 12/12 and they almost look like they grew 2 inches since then! Everything looks nice and perky right now! The first 2 pics I post is the plant I was having the most trouble with as of now she looks like she is bouncing back but I’m noticing on just the new growth there is a vibrant lime green almost yellow starting should I be concerned or am I being paranoid now??? :joy::rofl::joy:
Other then that I think they are going to blow up nice and big! I’ll keep you posted and again thank you for your help!

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@stltimmy1979 one more thing! Sorry to keep bothering you… When I hit them with the calmag yesterday my water went in at 6.5 and my run off was at 6.1 is that a little low? Should I put it in at like 6.7 next feeding?

Looking good. Im not an expert in runoff, my current run is living soil with amendments and I don’t have to worry about that. The one fox farm I did last I had around 6.4. Someone said even at 5.9 it’s OK. Ill let someone else chime in, but I don’t think that’s a bad idea to go in a little higher than 6.5 to see how the next runoff is.

New growth should be lime green, but def not yellow. It looks OK to me.

Also remember in flowering you want that humidity around 50 or even slightly below.

My one piece of advice, and I am guilty of this, is to try not to over-analyze every little thing. I drive myself crazy to the point I am trying to find something wrong. It seem like you are doing all the right things, try to enjoy it a bit and not worry as much. They pick up the vibes from you right?


Awesome! Thank you again for all the help! I’m heading out the door to hit the hydroponics shop and see if I can grab a few things to drop my humidity! Again much appreciated for all your input I appreciate it!

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@stltimmy1979 I need some help! Lol this just started happening but only on one plant and yesterday was the start of my 2nd week of flowering. Humidity is 54 temp is 81 and filling week 6 FF feeding schedule any ideas on why they are canoeing down on just one plant?

Only thing I can find similar on other threads is nitrogen toxicity but like I’ve said I’ve been following the FF feeding schedule with regular PH water in between feedings… Do you think I should do a little flush and back of the feedings or will that do more harm then good?

Hi there, I am by no means an expert. Its hard to see looks like you have the purple light on. But with that dark green and the downward curl I would say yes, that could be N toxicity.

im not running FF anymore, but when I did I was using maybe 40% of what they recommended, every other water. If you search around most will say run at 50% unless you have the lights and CO2 required to really push the plant.

Im pretty sure there is no grow big at week six, right? What dosage are you feeding?

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I just reread, so its week 2 flowering but you are on week 6 on the schedule? I don’t know where that lines up.

But they just need that last bit of N for the stretch. At this point I would cease giving any grow big if you are. Cut that dosage if you’re running 100%. And while I don’t know if a flush is required you may want to just water a couple feedings (and maybe a little calmag up through week 5 flower) .

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Sorry I was out the door for work I can take better pics later but week 6 would be week 2 for flowering hold on let me upload the feeding schedule…

So I repeated week 4 on that schedule because I veged for 9 weeks before I switched and once I switched I moved on to week 5 on that schedule and now I’m on week 6 of that schedule… And I’m only using big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom with the open sesame…

And yes I’ve been running 100% but I’m going to just water with regular PH for the next few feedings and see how she reacts and if the problem continues then I guess flush before she is in full flower mode… And it’s only on one plant out of 6 and the other strain of that same plant is showing no signs of it…

You might keep the others on that schedule if they are looking good. every grow is unique I just recall lots of folks recommending 50%.

I would def scale back/cut the big bloom on the single that shows the tox.

Again, I am no expert so … :slight_smile:

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Awesome thank you! I’m just going to back off on the plant and let her bounce back and then start back on once she’s good at 50%


I think that’s an excellent plan. I don’t pay much attention here so tag me in a week or so id like to see how things are going. Good luck!


I got you I’ll keep you posted! Thanks again!

@stltimmy1979 Good morning! Today is the 1st day of week 3 flowering… Everything seems to be going good I’ve noticed the tiny leaves at the bottom we’re turning yellow and falling off I read it was because they were hungry and to feed them a little more so I’ve been pushing it as far as I think I can without seeing any side effects like nute burn and all that… I snapped a few pics this morning to keep you updated and if they look a little droopy I legit just fed them before I took the pics… Have a great day my friend and I’ll keep you posted again in another week!