Canoeing leaves Need help

Having a serious problem with canoeing in my new grow op. Climate control set to 26C humidity fluctuates some throughout the day. Ph is at about 6.5 for the nutrient. No mites, or other bugs in the room. Does anyone know what could be the problem. Last week I had 14 plants like this. I raised the lights, now I have nearly 24.

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I have 6 plants in DWC. They had no issues at first then, now I am getting the canoeing in them as well. Maybe water issue?

Hello @Fshnchps first off welcome to the neighborhood, most of the time canoeing is caused by heat stress but root problems (over/under watering) can also make it happen, since it’s on the top leaves I would guess it’s most likely light burn


Woah. That’s some legit canoeing. Toss this information up and let’s see if any other hydro people can help.

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PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
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Sorry guys, I can’t keep track of who grows in what. :rofl:


In addition to the ticket info @Underthestairs requested, I’d like to understand your light situation (brand, model, and how far from the canopy is the light.


That’s heat stress 100%


With one plant being more sensitive than the rest? Or do you imagine the others will catch up to that as well?

Strain: Thai Stick
Method: 34 plants in soil 6 in DWC hydro
Vessels: Plastic pots (soil) Buckets with clay pellets (Hydro)
PH: 6.2 Runoff NA
PPM: 880 ±10
Lights: LED lights from a Chinese company called superbud. Height from canopy is about 48" As a result the PPFD is at 400 @MidwestGuy
Temps: AM 26C PM 27C - But I had a few days where the AC failed and it was 35C in the room.
Humidity: Fluctuates from 60-80% on a given day. Rarely dips below 60%
Ventilation system: I use a blower with HEPA filter for air input once per day. Size is massive, and rigged up with variable speed control.
The room has 38,000 BTU air conditioner
CO2 - no but I work in there for a few hours and the PPM jumps up to about 1200.

Thanks for the input, everyone.

Some plants are normal. I will upload more photos tonight. Things haven’t improved much in the last few days.

That’s a lot of plants. How old are they and do you have enough room to flower them?

Looks good, though pH could be a little higher.

Unless you will be moving these plants outdoors, you will need to spend a small fortune on lighting. Here’s some PPFD guidelines for indoor growing:

300 PPFD: seedlings
600 PPFD: veg
800 PPFD: flowering

PPFD needs to be relatively consistent across the full canopy.

Ventilation 24/7 will help ensure a fresh supply of CO2 and will also help prevent mold/mildew. This will be particularly important when you get to flowering, when humidity should be <50%.

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Op has plants in hydro too :wink:
5.8 - 6.0.


I am doing some R&D on Veg stage. When I transition to flowering, I intend to move the majority of the soil plants outside. I live in a near equatorial area - daylength maxes out at around 13hrs at summer solstice.

Thanks for the tip on ventilation. What is the difference between fresh CO2 and any other CO2? I ask because if ambient CO2 during the day is ~450 PPM. Would it be better for the plants to have an indoor atmo with higher CO2 levels, or is the tradeoff not worth it with risk of mold etc? I use my own respiration to increase the CO2 level in the room. Will this damage the plants?

It won’t hurt them.

No difference, but plants take in CO2 and expel oxygen, so it’s a good idea to keep the air moving. Ambient CO2 is sufficient. Adding extra CO2 won’t hurt the plant, but it won’t do you any good to add extra in your environment (inadequate lighting.) 450 PPM is fine.


10 4, good buddy.

Well, I had to remove all but 4 of the plants. The issue got worse and worse, no matter what I tried. Temps were and humidity were all good. I don’t know what the issue is. I reloaded with some new seedlings, to see if it was a genetic issue. Any other advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time, everyone.

Any input on why my leaves have started to taco? Also a little discoloration going on? I flushed 2 days ago using FF sledgehammer and they perked right up and now they are all canoeing and droopy…

Strawberry cough, blackberry kush, blueberry ILGM

Soil, FF Ocean & Happy frog fertilizer

5 gallon grow bags from infinity

PH goes in at 6.4 - 6.5 and runoff is 6.8 - 6.9

N/A FF nutrients and following their feed schedule


2 2,000w Bloomspect LED around 335w each hung at 24 inches above plants

Day temp 75 - 80 night 72 - 73

Humidity day is 71 -73 night is 63 - 66

• Ventilation system yes 2 6 inch above canopy 2 box fans outside tent blowing in threw both side vents and a 4 inch exhaust fan above my light


Co2 bag yes

Tomorrow is week 10 of veg

It’s almost impossible for us to tell anything with that lighting. Try lights off and use your flash. We’ll see what we can find

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Sorry I thought these posted I’m not sure why they didn’t they posted to the other thread… And sorry my set up is in my basement and the lighting down there sucks.

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Wow are these the same plants from the original taco pics? Nice work if so. I think they look fine as they are

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Yea I didn’t do anything to them yet lol I just have poor lighting in my basement so if I shut my lights off so you don’t get that purple spectrum I have to use my flash in almost darkness to get a good pic…