Cannot get a response from ilgm

Please respond or I will find another vendor If you have no intent of doing so, kindly let me know so I can move on from ILGM

This forum doesn’t reach the seed shop.

You’ll have to email customer service. @ILGM.Stacy


This forum is only sponsored by ilgm there are some of their employees who post here but you have to go through the email and or phone for help. Ilgm has good customer service and will take care of problems fairly


Decided to move on from ILGM… Too bad.

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I feel for you my freind i do, and i wish i could do something to help you.
This time of year for all seed banks (not just ilgm)
Is like Christmas time for Walmart.
Its the very start of growing season and all seed banks are absolutely covered up from every angle…
Fromy experience they have usely been very good about customer service :man_shrugging:

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Ive had no issues with ilgm and 420 mag rates ilgm as the best.




Kind falls into one of those categories we were discussing earlier :love_you_gesture:


Click on buy seeds at the top of this page then click on the support page to contact ILGM. I had 4 seeds not germinate and within a week they replaced all 10 seeds.


Wow that escalated quick from 5:14pm to 5:22pm, certainly the earths polarity shifted.

Bye… :wave: :wave:


So you are trying to get customer support. How long did you try, who did you reach out to, how long ago?

FYI the seed shop is A: not affiliated with the forum and B: you are trying to contact a company in Amsterdam with the 8 hour time difference causing all kinds of slow-downs, inevitably. But like stated; this is the highest rated seed shop going and customer service is taken very seriously. You can certainly leave but your only hurting yourself.


Just posted:


Looking at his feed it looks like its been 3 days,’
He couldn’t log into his Seed Shop account and got flustered and vented here.


Sounds like he has had 2 great grows. I am confused why he wants a response.

He had interactions with Stacy last night. I tag her she came on and i stepped out. Figured it was all good.
Looking back at that thread now, his and her conversation is gone from the topic. Nothing left in the thread but mine and his comments.

I remember him saying he emailed a dozen times and her telling him to please dont do that it only make more emails to go through… so on and so on…

But all that is gone :man_shrugging:.
I think he was just very frustrated with little patients…

God I don’t miss that about being young :rofl:.
Guess i just lost all my GAF after 30 and the energy to argue after 40 :man_facepalming:

Edit: or her :thinking: is zoe a boy or girls name?
Either way if you come back my friend, I think they will fix it for you. Unfortunately it really may take weeks this time of year and I’m just trying be honest with you…

Pro tip, order bunches of extras and try to plain from time to time, you will lose grows, i threw half mine away last run so it happens to us all at times :sweat: . Best of luck to you either way :grin: