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In the industry it’s my understanding that any cannabis that is under a certain amount of THC is, by definition, hemp. This is probably what you are seeing.

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I know that the Sativa strain of a non hemp plant still has more thc and cannot be Called hemp . That is the difference

Yup and they are working on weed strains that contain low thc amount so we can legally grow in any state
It something like .5% thc

.3% is legal in the states but even then it’s not total thc - only thc delta. There’s also grain/fiber hemp which grows like Bamboo right on top of each other but is nothing like standard cannabis with very minimal cannabinoids present. Here’s the breakdown on one of the strains im growing 2020


.3% THC is the cut-off for hemp, as well as legal CBD products.

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It’s made from actual marijuana.


Sorry my information was wrong thanks for clearing that up. I knew there were super low thc strains

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I need to do more research… the idea I received from what little research that I have done…
Is that you have the Cannabis family > the Hemp plant and the Marijuana plant are first cousins, per se.? Then the split up of indica, sativa, and rudealis??


Is this accurate?

The current method for testing tests for ‘Delta 9’. Breeders are looking for a high THC strain that is lacking in this molecule so it will defeat a blood test.

The current science tells us that there is only Cannabis Sativa. IIRC Cannabis speciation occurred 17 million years ago. What we think of as Sativa, Ruderalis, Afghanica, and Indica are simply different genetic expressions, like skin color.

Historically, westerners distinguished between drug-type varietals, seed crops, and fiber plants. The seed (food) and fiber (biomass and cloth/fiber) were distinguished as Hemp.

Today, hemp it’s a legal distinction. I believe the standard is <0.3% THC by whole dry plant weight. Interestingly, we’re now interested in non-drug-type Cannabis Sativa for… drugs. But we’re also still cultivating traditional drug-type Cannabis for CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

We can only guess at how a specific product is sourced, but hemp lends itself to extraction (tinctures and such).