Cannibas eJuice for Vape

I’ve been making really good cannibas eJuice to vape, but wanted to ask about the color of the juice I’m making.

I decarb bud, then use my Magical Butter machine to make an everclear tincture. I strain the tincture thru a coffee filter, then filter it a second time to remove all vegetal matter, however the resulting liquid is very green. When I reduce the tincture to make MBO, the reduction is exceptionally dark green. When mixed with PG/VG, the vape juice looks like murky dark green swamp water.

I have never seen any real professionally produced cannibas eJuice sold at legal weed shops, but in pictures it looks very clear and a golden amber color. If this is the way it looks, how are commercial producers getting the green chlorophyll color out of the eJuice?

My home based process is very effective and I’m happy with the results. The flip side, in a clear vape tank, the dark green color may be a sure fire give away this isn’t standard non-cannibas vape juice. Any idea how I can eliminate the green color at home w/o lots of equipment and extra steps?


Most of the vape juice sold in dispensaries is made from wax or other extract methods not using the plant material, but only trichomes and not alcohol tincture from plant material. That’s what I would think is the reason for the difference in color. If it tastes good and does the trick, then the only issue I would see is what you said and the color could give it away :wink::v:


The extraction method you noted would account for the potency factor, Matt. With an alcohol extraction method like I’m using, I don’t see how to avoid chlorophyll extraction along with CBD and THC. It isn’t a huge issue in term of taste and effectiveness, just in appearance to those who know what to look for…lol.

For public situations, pod systems like a Juul or Kandi pen usually conceal the pods and contents anyway. Plus they are concealable and easy to carry.


@MattyBear while we are on a semi-related subject: As a plant is trimmed, trained, and pruned- sometimes some of the lower fan leaves are removed. Not the more valuable sugar leaves on the colas, but the lower leaves on the stalk. Is there any value to saving them to use in tinctures, or is this trim a good candidate for the compost pile?

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Fan leaves without trichomes wouldn’t do anything for you tincture wise. That’s all about the trichomes found on the buds and sugar leaves. Fan leaves are very nutritious and I’ve heard of people juicing with them or using them in salads. Cannabis fan leaves actually are more nutrient dense and better for you than Kale is :wink::v:


Good info. I knew I had read the fan leaves had some sort of value, but didn’t realize they had that much nutrition. I’ll try adding a handful into some baby spinach when sautéing as a side dish. Thanks for the tip!