Cannibalized sugar leaves

Here’s an example of cannibalism with nitrogen. 4 to 5 weeks.

No necrotic sites - pure yellow and floppy.


I totally agree, espacelly in a small pot like this… it seem like 2 plant in a 3 gallon pot , maybe less…:wink::relaxed:

However, if you can, like I did, give enough roots space and give enough nutrients to them, they will not fight for nutrients, au contraire, if you inject mycorhizes in your soil, they are gone a share nutrients, not fight for it… Better, they gone a help each other… You only have to give them enough nutrients,…

Are you septique ? Please, go to my Chocolope growing journal

You gone a see that is possible, however, it take a constant monitering… And if you loose control, then, obviously, you gone a have problem… but, it’s possible to do it , @majicmarkers :wink: :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:

P.s. This technic is my own, and my own only… This is not a recommand growing technic and do not involved ILGM… I repeat, this technic only involve my self, no other one, here on this site, including my self, does not promote this technic…


Gotcha @Niala - that’s one plant in a 2 gal pot. Lol. I was just posting the pic so people could see the difference between necrotic and normal aging of the plant. No deficiencies -just the plant cannibalizing.