Cannazym? Or anything better?

Have u found anything better than Cannazym? For browning-ish roots in soil?

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Tribus and Fish$hit is what I use now over Cannazym. Don’t get me wrong Canna makes great products, just pricey and too much mixing. I went to Jack’s 321, Tribus, Fish$hit (alternate the two) and once a week a feeding of Recharge. I’m in coco fyi.


This a hydroponic grow? I would keep the cannazyme and add hydroguard if not using already.

In a recent grow, when I went to pull the root ball out of its fabric pot, the stem just broke off. I had used Advanced Nutrients Sensizym and I left the root ball undisturbed for a couple of weeks. It was apparently consumed by the enzymes and microbes. I guess the stuff works.

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It does. I haven’t used an, but good results from cannazyme and hygrozyme.

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Composting worms, if you’re in living soil or interested in organic growing.