Cannatonic looks done but no cloudy trichomes

Its in Week 13 of flower now. The 600 watt hps was about 18 inches above it I think maybe that’s what attributed to the new growth? This is my first grow so I’ve been patiently waiting for the trichomes to go cloudy and dont want to chop down to soon.

Nice attitude , so many are impatient. Got some triclone pics?

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Looks cloudy , just starting to Amber I see maybe 6 spots of Amber.

It’s hard to take good pictures. I’d say 85% of everything I look at is still clear. 10%cloudy 5% amber

Yeah, I see a lot of clear on some of those pics. Could those pics happen to come from some of the foxtails? Those will be clear as they’re essentially new flower. I would raise the light if possible and probably drop light hours by an hour or two.

These trichome pictures are from the bottom 3/4 of the buds. I guess I’ll try taking an hour off the light schedule. should I be waiting until I see cloudy trichomes and will that happen with it trying to continue new growth?

The older trichs should turn but as it spits out new trichs, they’ll be clear.

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Any other onlookers have any advice?