Cannacapsules and how i do mine


Yes thanks for pointing that out @Fever is totally correct


I meant if you want the benefits without the plant material


Once you have decarbonised the cannabis this will activate the thc, so that’s why you don’t need to smoke it and eating it works


Well, I don’t see what you mean. All I have now is trim. So, if I decarb, grind and put into capsules , that somehow won’t work?


Trim will work if it’s been decarbonised but obviously not as strong as the flower, which is what I use, I don’t know what everyone else uses


Well, the experiment is underway. Sugar trim has just been decarbed and wow! The oven reeks! I’ll grind some fine for capsules and some coarse for adding to food.


The best way that I have found to decarbonise is with the Ardent lift decarboxylator, bit harder to get in the UK but they come from America


I think you studied pharmacy, you really pulverised the hell of the buds


Wow this is really helpful to me!!!


Glad I could help @Supernoobie and @marijgee I was a pharmaceutical team leader packing all kinds of drugs for clinical trials and commercial lines so I had to do some encapsulating and stuff all by hand and all associated paperwork that went with it