Cannacapsules and how i do mine


Why would these be more potent than concentrated oil? And why (or how) would you use this in cooking? I thought coarse ground was better for cooking.


Absolutely holla @daz49 I’m enjoying a cup of tea with infused honey as we type.


give them a try @Loneviking ,you can make them as strong or weak as you want,you choose what size capsules you want ,you fill them how you want and you take as many as you want ,so its not to say these are weaker or stronger than any other way of doing it ,i hope you try it and enjoy it


thats exactly what i mean ,i want it in my tea ,and on my toast ,on my cereal ,so many ways to use the honey ,glad i have you to take me through it ,i could walk you through capsules if you’d like lol enjoy your tea


Oh also if you need someone to walk you through stem splitting aswell


Thanks @daz49 I do canna caps too but I do them with infused coconut oil instead of just straight flower. I digest it easier that way and they have become a staple for me. Like you I purchased the thing that holds the capsules and it’s a life saver and makes it super easy.


Oh yeah, glad to hear it, some one else who does the capsules, great news, how long have you been on them if you don’t mind me asking, and did they get you off any tablets or something, it’s really good to know that you do that to, is there any way that you don’t take it, and you come across well educated


Thank you for the tag . I have to try these I make butter but the taste just gets to me and is almost impossible to mask a couple of these would solve that problem


@AnneBonny thank you for that a tablespoon of honey fixes a lot of ills anyhow what a great natural medium. Look at you like a Martha Stewart Snoop Dog class on how to lol . Thanks again


There are no taste to these just a case of getting them down and like I’ve said you get to make them as strong as you want them


Thanks @daz49. I don’t know about well educated but I can do research on things I like to try and thanks to google and YouTube there is never a shortage on finding different ways to do things. I have been using them for about 4 or 5 months and yes I was able to get off all of my meds for my fibromyalgia. Sleep meds, pain meds and anti-depressants. Which all had weight gain as side effects so I have lost weight as well which also a plus. I truly feel that cannabis is a miracle plant and changed my life.


That’s great news about the meds and the weight, I can’t wait to have enough to have enough crop to be able to use them all the time, but I’m still just getting started, when I get my 2nd tent to use as my veg tent I’ll be doing much better


I had some Acapulco gold inout in capsules and it was real strong. One day I took two then 2 hours later another 2. I ww on the couch with my eyes vibrating lol fell asleep


Thank you so much for posting this, it’s exactly when I’ve been looking for! The benefits of medical cannabis is without question and it takes my pain away really well. However, I’m not a big fan of the Iron Lung after smoking it and I’m less of a fan of the lingering smell that is unmistakable to everyone I may come into contact with afterward. I just went to Amazon and bought my kit for the caps, should be here by Friday. I’ve got a reasonable stash of White Widow (from here), Lemon Haze and Kryptonite that is perfect for this process. Again, thank you so much!


No worries, that’s exactly the reasons I posted it, a lot of us are looking for the medical benefits and with out necessarily having to smoke it and it’s so discreet to


I also make them @daz49 ,the only thing I don’t like is the canna caps burps .


Oh yes I think I remember that you take them to, looks like there are more and more who know about and use the cana capsules than we know


I do have a question though…on YouTube I’m seeing things about needing a fat, like butter or coconut oil, as a carrier for the THC or CBD’s, do these capsules work with just the powered, decarboxulated cannabis?


Once you’ve decarboxylated the cannabis then you have activated the thc @super_newby


If you want the benefits without the flower you need to infuse it into something fatty or solvents (alcohol)