Cannacapsules and how i do mine


I thought it might be handy and helpful for some of our members to see how i do my cannabis capsules ,so i thought i would show you in a series of pictures and i hope you all like them ,to begin with you will need to decarbonise your cannabis and grind it to a powder in a pestle and mortar ,I then put it into a bowl and scooped it out a spoon at a time for more precision

since i intend to eventually phase these in and all of my handfuls of tablets out ,i thought an encapsulating machine would be a good idea

and then pop them out of the machine

i hope you all enjoyed that ,i do apologize about them being a bit blurry ,i didn’t realise at the time and they are not in exact order but you should all get the idea

@kabongster @Willd @TxGrowman @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Coltfire @Buck3 @Oldstoner
And @Tylan I don’t know if you have heard of or seen these before but I thought they’d interest you


Excellent tutorial @daz49 just like I do them too. The great thing about these vs oil caps is they are far more potent. 2 usually does me good for 6-8 hours with a 2-3 hour period of peak effect about an hour after ingestion. Sometimes I enjoy 3 for a more noticeable “high” vs the “craving elimination” effect.


Thanks @Willd, you know how I like my threads and I know that you, myself and @kabongster use them ourselves, I hope I’ve done it justice, the benefits of these to is that they are very discreet medication to, as soon as I have enough I want to do them regularly but they do cost a fair bit in bud but very good for the pain and saves on smoking it


Definitely. Way better for our lungs.


Indeed my brother and that’s another thing I’m looking for, with having emphysema I’ve got to look after my lungs even more now,so capsules and edibles are great,I know a lot of us in this group are growing for medicinal purposes and have some form of copd and hopefully this thread can help in some way


I could use the encapsulator that you have…lol, I sit and shovel the powder in 1/2 a capsule at a time while watching TV, takes me a little over a minute a cap…I don’t pre weigh before decarbing and grinding but it’s approx 1 ounce of plant matter, small buds and sugar leaves, comes to 30ish cannacapsules.


Oh brother you simply must invest in one, they are quite cheap on amazon, you can monitor exactly how much your putting in and I think it’s 24 at time, so you see what I mean bro, gotta get ya self one


Nicely done brother! @daz49


Thanks @bob31 , that means a lot coming from you, I haven’t seen a capsule thread done and I do mine, so I thought maybe it’d help someone else and hey its a hell of a lot easier this way in the machine, and much more controlled,ask @kabongster and @Willd


Very nicely done. I suppose this is a good way of consuming, with out being super noticeable also. Except if you take too many… lol. So you just decarb some flower or even sugar leaves then just capsulate them? @daz49


Yeah decarbonise what you want to use and then crush it up as fine as you can and then encapsulate them, easy to use, you can pretty much take them anywhere and definitely saves your lungs,I do it, @kabongster and @Willd do it, I don’t know of anyone else


Mrs. Covertgrower purchased an encapsulater thing that you have a while ago for a separate purpose, I could easily get this done. She would probably love it. Thanks @daz49 for informing me.


No worries, I’m hoping to grow enough to have capsules as my medication and be able to stop all the other tablets I’m on, you should definitely try it, it takes around an hour to start to kick in and just start with 1 at a time


Well, @daz49 if it’s anything close to the very potent cookies I made, I suspect it should be about the same. Lol.


Yeah the cookie’s and I love the brownies ,but you can use it in cooking a savoury meal to, oh yeah the next one i want to try is doing the honey


here here. I think @AnneBonny is the go to source for that formula.


What’s that the honey @Willd ?


Honey is super easy with either decarbed flower or concentrates @daz49 . I do the crockpot method. Put the flower in a cheese cloth in a mason jar, pour your honey over it and add a teaspoon or up to a tablespoon of sunflower lecithin, place it in the crockpot that has a towel on the bottom and fill with water so the jar is mostly submerged and let it go for 6-8 hours or so. Take the cheese cloth out and squeeze all that sticky goodness out and enjoy. Works like a charm but can be messy. Be prepared to get high from licking your fingers.

If you use concentrates it doesn’t need to go as long. I melt my concentrate (shatter, oil, wax etc) put in the bottom of the mason jar, add the honey and lecithin and let it go until the honey gets warm and then periodically take the jar out with a pot holder and swirl it so it mixes.


Mind is blown on that one @AnneBonny I have got to try that one.


thanks @AnneBonny ,i can’t wait to try it ,i’ll give you a holla when i do it :wink: