Cannabutter - why decarbox?

Back in the day (70’s) you made butter by dumping in your weed with water and butter and letting it simmer for hours. Kick ass stuff, I think I was using Maui Wowie back then.

So since that worked then - why spend the time to decarbox now?

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we live in a Google world Boomer and everything is as important as the next thing, whatever it is.
Maui Wowie in the 70’s,mmm,i remember…I used buy a Z of Humbolt County for $100 and the stone was one of the finest + Captain Beefheart live concerts.

This is well worth reading.

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I had seen that vid already - but my question is why? Since simmering it will bring it to the desired temp and activate it, why do an extra step? Never heard of decarbox until recently, and my homemade edibles in the 70’s/80’s, etc were all good stuff. I tried decarboxing my last batch for butter and it was totally worthless - no kick at all, and I monitored the temp to make sure it did not get too hot and only simmered the butter for the same reason. I just do not want to waste anymore in my next batch.

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nly a N Lights stone thought ? :face_with_monocle:

It says on their site that if you decarb to long it will make other caniboids more prevalent therefore making the thc useless. I always decarb at 250* for 30 minutes. Have never had issues with effect.

I use an aluminum pie pan lined with parchment paper and an oven bag around it to help with the smell.

Decarb speeds up the process. I do it on the grill to keep the smell outside. 45 minutes at 240 degrees, then 1 hour cooking in the butter. Strain and pour into molds. You can do in just butter without decarb but you need to cook for min 3 hours…

Simmering doesn’t bring it to temp. To decarb, it needs to reach approximately 240-250°F; baking with the budder is what decarbs it. (the boiling point of THC is approx 314°F)

However, if you don’t want to bake with budder, you’re going to want to decarb your herb before simmering.

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High Times did some experiments and found 110 C for 110 minutes is best. 110 C = 230 F
Water boils at 212 F, so anything water-based is going to take longer. Baking in brownies may not get up to temperature for long enough. Simmering in butter could get up to a much higher temperature and ruin it.

People seem to like coconut oil in the crock pot. You can do 230 F for 110 minutes very precisely by using a candy thermometer and switching it on and off as needed.

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Pressure cookers work too, to decarb & extract. Pressure temps are usually between 230F-250F.

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I am trying the instant pot version today. Decarbox’d in oven and now pressure cooking clarified butter and herb. I’ll update how it comes out. Have to decide on a recipe to tun this into :slight_smile:

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Next time, no need to decarb with the instant pot. It does it for you!

I make chocolates, myself. 1/3 cup budder to 12 oz chocolate chips. Makes about 30 chocolates.


Semi-sweet? Do you pour them into a mold or add anything else besides the chips?

Some espresso powder, about a tbsp. Then into .5oz molds.

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Made brownies and nothing, no effect what so ever. I do not understand why I cannot get edibles to work for me. they all have zero effect.

@boomer when you ate the edible was it on empty stomach? Edibles attach to the fatty cells in the content of your stomach if taken on empty stomach effects will be poor if taken on a full stomach with some fat in it you should feel the effects.

What is the exact process you used to make your budder? At what temp were your brownies baked?

I’ve tried it both ways, empty and with/right after a meal. 1/2 cup cannabutter and 1 cup semi sweet chips. softly melted in water bath and poured into 1 teaspoon molds. So took one then after 30 mins no effect took another, 30 minutes after that no effect, repeated two more times. Nada nothing. I can smell it, I can taste it but no effect at all. I am tempted to see if I can get a friend to try these to see if it is them or me. :slight_smile:

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decarbox’d in oven, 225 for 30 minutes or so. Butter, water, herb in instant pot for 15 minutes. Then strained, made 1 cup of butter. 1/2 cup went to the brownies and 1/2 cup to the chocolate drops.

I’m not sure,I have a family member that swears up and down he can’t feel anything off edibles while everyone else is floating. I usually use 1 cup when making anything brownies, caramels but only have to consume 1 so would think if you ate 4 you’d shoulda felt something. That temp and length is exactly my process as well. I have had heavy everyday users stuck on stupid on the couch for 3-4 hrs at a time.

How much herb to butter?

I use an instant pot. I cook budder for 30 minutes. No need to decarb if you cook it in instant pot for 30 minutes. You can decarb, though, too. No biggie. Works best if you nix mixing the butter & herb with water.
Using an Instant Pot for Budder/Oils/etc