Cannabutter uses

I just made a batch of cannabutter from my sugar leaves and was wonder about edible recipes…anybody have any???

You can use cannabutter proportionally the same as you would butter.
I’ve recently went to capsules. 30g of flower mixed into 1 cup of coconut oil. Then dispensed into gel caps. Makes about 300.

@blackthumbbetty is more advanced for cooking with canna butter. One of these days I’ll have to get her chocolate recipe.


@Covertgrower, I’ll tag you on my thread next time I make it.


I keep her recipe for caramel covered chocolates (the chocolate recipe is at the bottom) bookmarked at the top of my “One of these days I’m going to make this” list of recipes:


Oh my my wife loves chocolate chip cookies and leafy .com has a wonderful tea recipe

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I just go to the baking section and pick out one that looks good. First batch I ended with a little 50 hour nap. Second batch I ended up with a 50 hour nap. Third batch I got zilch from it. So I don’t make edibles.

I made Vape juice and it didn’t even work for me. So I don’t make it anymore. Now I may make a batch of 1 lb real butter with 8 oz of my marijuana. Then maybe and I mean maybe I don’t have to eat the whole batch to get something from it.

Me too?

I use cannabutter to make brownies for sleep aid. I would suggest using some lecithin either when making butter or in whatever recipe you choose as it will aid the liver in processing THC. You can just add a Tablespoon to any recipe without issues. I add it when making the butter so it’s present already.

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I use my cannabutter simply and spread on toast or cook my eggs or hash…hehehe he said hash browns or plop some in my tea or coffee.
I don’t bake. At least not with an oven.
Have shared some with several friends to use for pain and whatnot and they are happy with it.
Using trim from harvest I decarb it then use about 1Oz and 2 sticks no salt butter and infuse. Strain the herb and Gets me 2 - 4Oz jars filled.
My buddy who used to smoke years ago but doesn’t much anymore loves the left over herb/butter after straining and nibbles on it. That or the essential oil mix I made up for his fk…Ed up knee also must have helped his prostrate as since then he has been able to piss like a Russian Race Horse.
Budderup…hey no budder no budder …swing budder swing.

Love to use the cannabutter but never trying to made that for me. because I am new to use cannabutter.

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Many posts on here to look through…
Using the search feature I found these posts…

I use the ardent machine to first decarb the herb and then a second run in it with no salt butter and strain it.
Many just use the oven to decarb at certain temps and certain time to decarb and then use stove top with water, decarb herb and butter to infuse the butter. I’ve only used the Ardent as it is basically plug and play so to speak just have to catch it when finished infusing while it’s till warm - hot to more easily press out the infused butter from the herb.

Hope this helps


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: