Using a crock pot. 24 hours seems a long time even on low would boil boiling a bit now on low after 5.5 hours. Any time opinions have seen 3,5,8,12,24 and even 48🙄 As always thanks

It depends on how fresh the bud is… The dryer the buds the less time it takes till its really broken down and you get a lot of plant matter in it/ maybe over cook it it… Imo…

So fresh buds/trim I froze. Would take a long time? Guess I’ll go at least 12 hours but I’ll prob be asleep so prob longer

That sounds good to me!!!

17-18 hours on low strained cooled and done. Tastes and looks like soap but good.

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Last time put coconut oil and decarbed buds in Pyrex and into toaster oven for an hour Worked good