Cannabutter in smaller quantities


Good morning all,

I have read up on people using the Crock-Pot to make cannabutter. It seems as the general rule is a pound of butter for every ounce of MJ. According to my math, I should be able to do 1 stick of butter and 1/4 oz of MJ. Will that burn in the Crock-Pot since it isn’t a pound of butter?

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@dmykins youll be ok :ok_hand: since you set crockpot temp


I use a mini crockpot and yes it works fine for smaller amounts but add some water. :+1:



Can I use a regular size Crock-Pot and just add extra water? I only have a regular Crock-Pot…


I can’t speak from experience about the large crockpot. I’m pretty sure that if it is a newer one (mine is over 35 years old) you should be okay to try it. I combine 1 pound butter with 1 cup water and let the butter melt. Then I add 1 ounce decarb trim. Recover the pot and stir it two or three times over the next 20-24 hours. Then strain. Since you’re going to do 1/4 in a large crockpot, I “think” I would go less time and keep an eye on it. I’m going to tag @AnneBonny as she has more experience than I do :grimacing:



Thank you for the help. I have an older crock pot as well. I could always just do a whole pound of butter, but I honestly think it would go to waste.


I’m pretty new at this myself and learning as I go. You can freeze excess for later use for at least 3 months from what I read. I’m going to save the cooked & drained trim next time for canine edibles. I just found that recipe online and if it works it will be great for my older dogs. I have to cook in the garage and it’s too cold to leave the door open for odor so I’m not going to make any for a while.



Freezing it could be a good idea!


I also freeze my brownies :grimacing:



I think I am going to still try and do less, how large is your Crock-Pot?


Large crockpot is 6 quart. Not sure about the mini but it worked out great for 1 pound.


You absolutely can. The water just keeps it from scorching and separates after anyway. I always freeze my butter and coconut oil out of precaution of it going rancid. Good luck and thanks for the tag @SmoknGranny



So essentially, I can use 1 stick of butter and 1/4 oz of MJ and just add extra water to the Crock-Pot? The water really doesn’t matter?


Hey you’re my go to gal for cooking :+1:. Besides I appreciate being corrected if I’m wrong and confirmation if I’m right while I’m still learning myself :grimacing:


You are using a 5-6 quart crockpot for 1 stick of butter right? I would add the water if so :+1:



It is a 5-6qt yes. In essence, the amount of water doesn’t matter? It is just a buffer to keep things from burning?


I’d use minimum of 1/4 cup water then kinda eyeball it & add more if needed. And yes in that big pot I think it may prevent scorching or burning.



How about using a 20oz Crock-Pot?


That’s probably a mini :grimacing: crockpot. So 1 stick of butter, 1/4 cup water and your decarb trim :+1:



And by decarb, you mean grind up the trim and put in the oven for a little bit correct?