Cannabutter bake it?

Been surfing around for a good cannabutter recipe. On some sites they say to bake the buds first at a low heat to make the most out of your butter and bring out the most thc. I’m new to edibles and any help is truly appreciated.

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@Laurap yes you should decard the buds before making butter or other edibles there’s. Thread on hear with many recipes I’ll try to find it and tag you in
Also @kabongster and @Willd do a lot of the edibles so maybe they can help you out as well


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. Yesterday was first I had heard of prebaking. Looked on forum for recipie but couldn’t find one.


No problem @Laurap
I myself haven’t done much as far as the edibles but I’m sure the others can fix you up right quick
@daz49 had a recipe he used as well maybe he an hook you up


I have decarboxylated before making butter and I have used a crock pot and cooked the bud for 48 hours without decarbing both ways worked…I like making cannacapsules

for ease and they get done quickly, decarb then grind up then put in capsules, done in two hours, but cooking into butter is easy and adds a flavor that I like (some don’t) so what ever technique you choose to try (try them all when your stash permits :wink:), there are recommendations and instructions and other topics on them posted

is one thread on edibles


Thanks for sharing. First harvest coming soon & first time I truly have enough to make brownies!


heres one with many alternatives and recipes!