Cannabis to be scheduled 2 drug


I just heard an atorney that works for DEA, anonymously declared the government will be changing Cannabis from a schedule 1 to a schedule 2 drug, August 1, 2016. Am I hearing this right?


My heart just skipped a beat ! I scramble to think of the awsome implications.


Just went online and there’s a bunch of stuff about it. Sounds like schedule 2 would allow big pharmacudical companies to take over the industry, and would allow federal control as they do with opiates and make it illegal for dispensery sales.


Yikes ! :fearful:


I’d be willing to bet that @PigSquishy would be interested in this topic. He seems to keep a finger on the pulse of larger issues.


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There are pharmacudicals that get you high as a means to alter our state of body or mind but I’d bet they " big pharmacudical" wouldn’t word it like that. So maybe they shouldn’t think of medical marijuana’s effects as “getting us high”. That would make us sound like hippies. A war with words, and a war against stigma.


Big pharma are the lowest form of life I have seen todate
Where I am its the same and they are funding the pollies telling them what to do with pot
If you let them get hold growing will be like tax fraud and if its like here you get more years for that then you would for murder.


This topic is too complicated for US politicians. There won’t be any decisions made.


Schedule 2 is bad news for Washington and Colorado.


Sadly this is true for all polies


California to legalize recational marijuana this year 2016 !!!


It won’t matter if it turns out its schedule 2 drug.


Right - but when a schedule 2 - there /they can start testing cannabis as were before nobody could which will bring sweeping change in marijuana reform



Cannabis is currently being tested in multiple countries; England being a big one. What schedule 2 really does is open the door for big pharmaceutical companies to come in. It’s a bad thing. All the work for Recreational is thrown out the window.


Could be bad change.


Total agreement with you !!! then more testing in the US ?


It all comes down to money - I’m surprised that the other states haven’t looked at how the marijuana indrustry has got a few states in the US in the “red” believe $30,000,000 first year now they are saying the will reach this figure in in the first 6 months of 2017. Money, Money Money ( to be made) is on our side


Any changes in the laws would be helpful where I live. Buried in the Appalachian Bible belt. Seems the people in govt are just too damned set in opinions to consider common sense changes.


Old belief’s are very, very hard to change - sorry to hear that - we have to wait till folks whom think like use take some sort of positive direction -