Cannabis soda - NEED ADVICE

Hi, I am looking for advice from people who are experienced or knowledgeable in the concept of making a cannabis soda. Which, of course, goes down to the simple soda idea which is a drink recipe thrown into a carbonator and sealed. But, for the cannabis injection of the matter, I do not like tinctures from the chemicals and alcohol, and so I like the syrup idea. So, I would mix sugar and water and boil them and bake the cannabis for 30 minutes at 450 that is grinded and then boil that into the sugar and water solution and turn it into a syrup and strain it and then inject it into the drink and carbonate it. But, how can I concentrate the cannabis injection to make it stronger? And are there tricks to getting the most out of your bud that can make for a larger number of higher potency sodas? And is there any way to make sure that it is fast acting when it is ingested?

30 mins is a good decarb time but 450 degrees is hot enough to vaporize your thc. 250 degrees at 30 mins will decarb and leave you with more intact thc.

You can infuse sugar itself if that will help you. Make an alchol tincture. Use like 151 rum or everclear and infuse that, then mix with appropriate amonunt of sugar. Ive never done it but you can find tons of youtube videos the alchol evaporates off and your left with infused sugar crystals.

Use concentrates like hash or shatter to infuse with. If you are infusing an oil you can add lecethin, any other way just use concentrates. You still decarb them too.

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@Caligurl or @blackthumbbetty would know. On one of their journals I saw a recipe for cannabis sugar which I think would be perfect for soda, which sounds like my future beverage of choice: Ketel One and Canna Soda please, maybe a fruit garnish

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Yeah, I am not much of a fan of alcohol, so I prefer to somehow extract it without that. The bubble hash is a good idea. But, I think that it would just take too much cannabis for as many drinks as I would like to have stocked.

Yeah, that would be nice if they had some ideas. I actually use fake sugar. I prefer a gourmet skinny soda type of vibe for the cannabis drink. It just seems like there is not much of a way to fineness it and make it without alcohol, to make it potent enough without going through all of the cannabis, so I can reach maybe 150 drinks or so just to stock up, and then to make it fast acting. I have seen the gummies at dispensaries, that they have fast acting ones that are special. I wonder how they do that.

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Idk but I think maybe you could make a syrup with oil instead of alcohol. Maybe make canna oil with coconut oil and add sugar until it soaks up all the oil, then let it dry…?

Me neither, 15 years now. It acts to remove into solution the thc. You would evaporate the alch away leaving only sugar and thc. You can even make dabable wax this way.

1 gram of cannabis doesnt equal 1000mg of thc. If the thc content of your flower is 20%, Myself, I need at least 150mg in any edible for me to get high.

What mg dose were you looking to make each sodA?

Well, I have never had anything over 100, but I certainly wanted it to be like something that hits you when you smoke it to that effect, but it is cleaner because you are drinking it. The drink and edible stuff seems to not be able to hit the same way and it would be nice if it did. Perhaps, 200 to 250 or 300 mg per drink maybe. That maybe where I would start, but perhaps that is alot and I have no idea what I am doing.

Oh, wow. It is like one of those kind of alcohol solutions. Hmm. What is the difference between that and boiling the syrup with the baked cannabis in effect?

I dont know enough about that to answer your question.

There are a few videos on youtube about making simple syrup. Here is one.

The effects are different when thc is ingested. Vs smoking. Your liver does something different to the thc then your lungs do.

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I’m not a fan of the alcohol either, but it’s completely evaporated out of a dabble QWET… yes, tinctures will still have the alcohol in it.

You can literally make anything you want with a QWET/Dab

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I used to make a simple syrup until i switched to rosin infused chips heres the recipe ,its basically just sugar water


Oh, that is cool, thanks for the recipe! I will try that. If you increase the amount of cannabis, does that make the solution more potent? And should the cannabis be placed inside of a tea bag?

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All you need is a decently fine mesh strainer at the end ( cheesecloth is kinda overkill) and tea bags may work but id rather try to extract as much as possible , the recipe is already pretty potent, just 2 Tablespoons will get you from stoned to passed out by peak effect but I’m sure you can make it extra strong

Oh wow, that is really cool. That works perfect. I thought it would have been fun to have a gourmet punch in the face to beer, it is more luxurious to consume it orally I think but is fun to smoke sometimes from how the flower looks and the experience growing the plant. I just started, but I am planning on trying to preserve a flowering leaf from each strain and a picture of the best plant before harvest along with information about where the seed came from and the strain to categorize it, and make removable labels that categorize each soda by strain to. Certainly a fun way to enjoy cannabis. It is almost like something from a fantasy book like harry potter or something.

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Keep all cooking temps below 220 degrees F while any thc is in your mixtures, this will give you best result and highest potency for your products


Yup good tip thats why i always keep a digital meat thermometer on hand

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Candy thermometer is what we use here

Magic potion for sure!

Or something like butter beer or better or something like from the BFG with those cool drinks he had, cannabis really takes a beating from pop culture.