Cannabis Smoker Over Age 50? Please Read & Respond! Thanks!

That’s hilarious! Those were the days! One time me and a buddy were smoking weed and drinking beer down by the river with our back to the land bank. A cop showed up without us hearing him and suddenly I turned around and he was 3 feet in front of my face just as I exhaled a big lungful right in his face. I apologized and said that my buddy and I grew up together and we were leaving tomorrow at age 18 to go our separate ways…maybe never see each other again. The cop smiled and said, “Fine, be careful…” and walked away!


Sounds like a great plan…good luck!

The ‘filet mignon’ of weed in the mid-70’s was ‘Thai Sticks’. We thought they were so exotic…expensive and a rare treat, but boy were they a great smoke and super potent!
Black ‘hash oil’ was also a rare treat and also super potent. But hash, in general, was a hit or miss…some types were pretty tame and others stronger but VERY inconsistent. Gold Columbian buds were the ‘rolls royce’ for us back then…everybody’s favorite!


There is a place call trilogene which sells hemp seeds with varying ratios. Delta-9 is less than 0.3% and potential cannabinoids higher. They have certs you can look at for all their strains. $3 a seed. I don’t use THC because of the paranoia that comes with it but want the benefits of CBD.

Yeah it was 1982 for me as well, when I was a senior in high school. one of my buddies older brothers showed up with 5 pounds of it and asked us to help move it at $300 an ounce when all other weed at the time was going for $40-$60 an ounce. Was a hard sell at first as no one ever paid that for weed before but after letting them have a taste test it all sold very quickly. sounds like we may have sampled the same batch or you’re actually one of my old buddies LOL.

Maybe so, are you from AZ? Well even if not it sounds like we traveled a similar path.

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No, west Texas mostly but sounds like we smoked the same Hawaiian at about the same time, small world.

That sounds great! Thanks for the tip!