Cannabis Shelf Life?

Hello, I was just curious how long cannabis is good for when leaving it to cure in the jar? I’ve just heard people say if its going to sit for more than a couple months to vacuum seal it? Mines been curing almost 2 months and I probably wont get to it for another month or two so I wasn’t sure if it was something I need to worry about.

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Burp it one more time then vacuum seal them the longer it cures the smoother the smoke i got some going on 8mo cure and love it
Kinda like aged wiskey it’s awesome i have hid some from my self and it was 18mo that was very nice hope i hide some more from myself lol
You shouldn’t put things up stoned lol

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Be careful when you vacuum seal; without thinking I dumped an ounce into a vacuum bag and hit the button: got pressed cake. Not ideal for anything but edibles. If you are going to vacuum seal; use a Mason jar and seal the jar in a bag. The seal should take and you just remove the jar from the vacuum bag and reuse the bag for the next jar and so on.

I prefer freezing my harvest but it needs to be in a non frost-free freezer as the cycling for defrost will degrade your plant’s THC into CBN (sleepy time). Frozen flower should last for years. The refrigerator not as long but will extend the shelf life greatly. I do cover the jar with Saran before sealing as well.

I like green cured material that hasn’t oxidized and broken down into brown plant material. Generally I feel I can pull the flavor profile from green material more readily and enjoy it more. But that’s me.