Cannabis seeds are fast to germinate

I never really gave much thought to how rapidly cannabis seeds germinate and sprout until I compared them side by side with Beefsteak Tomato seeds.

I bought a pack of these tomato seeds and a 36 Jiffy Pot starter tray. After planting the tomato seeds, I had 3 peat pots unused. Then I decided to drop 3 cannabis seeds in the open peat pots, plus keep in mind these seeds had not been soaked.

Within 2 days I could see the cotyledons on all 3 cannabis seeds pushing up to start breaking the surface - no activity on the tomato plants yet. In 4 days the cannabis seeds were ready to come out of the tray and had legs 1" tall. This is day 6 and the tomato plants are just starting to break the surface while the cannabis seeds are now starting their first set of true leaves in Solo cups.

Just my observations in a side by side comparison.


I agree, I have had some seeds pop open in 12 hours, or overnight.


Believe it or not, in a couple weeks I’m going to attempt growing beefsteaks for Mrs. Silent. Germination time approx 6 days. Good to know. :sunglasses::v:


At first I thought something may have been wrong with the tomato seeds, but now I see most of them are going to actively germinate. On or around day 6, you’ll expect some activity. I have the Jiffy tray on a germination heating mat with an Inkbird controller set at 78F. Not sure, but this may have an influence on the timing of germination.

Hope this helps!

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Fast little buggers, that is why I sow seed (unsoaked) into solo cup, moisten medium and use clear half bottle for humidity dome. Other than bad seeds and 1 oops on my part, 100% germination. 7 days after sprout I transplant ONCE into forever home.

Some of my wife’s garden seeds say up to 20 days :flushed:. Having to add up to 30 days to a grow schedule would suck…wait 30 days to find out no seeds made it.

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I’m glad I did this experiment, so from now on out, I’m going to go direct into Solo cups with a humidity dome as you outlined. I don’t really see a tremendous advantage in soaking and all that if the end results are about the same thing.

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@MT3 for me, the less handling of the seedling, the better. Too many chances of something going horribly wrong going from paper to soil. Finger contaminants, enviroment, physical damage…nope. I’ll let nature do it’s thing, hasn’t let me down yet.


My I suggest for your next experiment try a weed seed vs a weed seed? Dandelion vs an autoflower would be a real race!
I grow dandelions for teas and greens. They, like my WWA, don’t screw around! They sprout right up!


OMG @BunnyD, I wish you could come to my farm and harvest all the dandelions you desire. I spray hay pastures with broadleaf herbicides to control them, and I really wish I didn’t have to use chemicals at all. Unfortunately the hay has diminished market value if it has weeds in it. My mom tells me she and my grandmother cooked dandelion and poke sallet greens in the old days. (I thought she was wrong and she meant salad - but the proper term in the old days was sallet)

Ironically, two of the seeds I referred to in my original post are WWA’s. The other is a NLA and it is busting butt too.


You gotta do what you gotta do! Dandelions are hardy. You can get rid of all of them, then the wind blows…:blossom::blossom::blossom:
Poke sallet is getting hard to find.

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Get the heirloom beefsteak, they are yum to eat.


Anyone grown this strain? BCBD Tuna God seeds, @SilentHippie @NavyVet420 @garrigan62 @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @MattyBear @monkman

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Never heard of it myself.

Just was wondering if anyone had grown and tasted it.

Two BC well-known strains and also Cannabis Cup winners are crossed to create a new unique strain with high medical qualities. The result Tuna God inherits the best properties of both parents. It provides a very unique terpene profile
Genetics Tuna Kush x BC God Bud

The plant develops extremely potent and beautiful dense buds that coated with mass of resin. It is a potent producer of trichomes that cover dark-green leaves. The plant is ideal for indoor growing where the flowering cycle is about 7-8 weeks.

The smoke brings very strong narcotic flavors like smoked fish with diesel notes. The effect is both cerebral and physical. The THC content over 25% provides powerful experience.


I haven’t heard of it but it sounds interesting…

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I heard it started and had a following in Canada! Hmm smoked Tuna taste!!!

Here is another write up.
BC Bud Depot Tuna God Marijuana Seeds

Two outstanding BC legends and Cannabis Cup winners were mixed in order to create create this strain. Tuna God will produce extremely potent and beautifully dense connoisseur-grade buds hard-caked with resin. Both parents truly shine through in all phenotypes, giving a very unique terpene profile, a strong aroma much like smoked fish with a hit of fuel that is narcotic to the palate while being a pleasant mixture of both physical and cerebral to the senses. The massive trichome production and lush dark green leaves makes this resin-coated lady great for extractions and concentrates.

Genetics: Tuna Kush x BC God Bud
Genetics: Mostly Indica
Flowering Time: Indoor: 7-8 weeks
Type: Indoor
Flavour: Smoked tuna taste

Smoked fish with diesel? Lol sounds strange but I like the gassy stuff so I’d try it lol.

Negative, sorry

Ok so when they are saying" flowering times " is that from start to finish ?

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From start of 12hrs light to12hrs dark on photos, so some do 4 to 8 weeks veg inside, then revert to 12 on 12 off lights for flower, which can take up to 10 weeks depending on strain, some even longer in flower until harvest time.

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